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    Boyfriend-induced LD

    by , 11-29-2016 at 10:21 AM (405 Views)
    This was one of the most amazingly vivid LDs I've ever had and all thanks to my awesome boyfriend. I went to bed at 10pm, he joined me at 3am. That woke me up, but I was too sleepy to actually get up and do WBTB, so I just rolled over and immediately started dozing off. That's when he whispered to my ear: "Go lucid". And man did that work like a charm. The moment he said it I slid into the most vivid LD ever. I was walking down some hallway and everything got hyper realistic. I was so excited I could barely keep calm.

    I enter a room and there's a girl named Lucy who's apparently my dream world friend. I'm telling her that I'm lucid and trying to stay calm. I remember that I should stabilize the dream - stand still, breathe slowly. It works.

    I try to levitate a bit and that also works nicely, the room is not that large so I can only jump into the air and then softly float around or land on my feet again. I've never felt this AWAKE in my life.

    I want to try to create something in that dream world but for the love of me I can't come up with anything I should do. Still too excited. I ask Lucy and she says "Well why don't you float up to the ceiling and create a little landscape on this floor here." (By the way my bf pointed out her name to me this morning when I woke up - Lucy/Lucid. Coincidence? )

    I try to float up but my body seems to be too heavy and I'm still kind of sinking back to the floor. Out of the blue Lucy faints, it's like her consciousness gets knocked out. I come to her and try to wake her up, but there's just her lifeless body lying on the floor. At this point it feels like I'm losing the lucidity.

    I walk around the house and find what I consider to be her actual real life body sleeping in bed. I don't want to wake her up so I go to my room, find my bed and sit in it. Then I remember that the one thing I always wanted to do in a LD was to meditate.

    I sit in a lotus position and close my eyes. Immediately I'm sucked into this vast black void, it physically feels like I sunk hundreds of meters deep into my mind. There's nothing but blackness but also this amazing clarity. I have thoughts but they don't matter, everything is just so ... clear.

    There's a lot of energy, like everything resonates with it, it's the matter of my mind and it's myself and it feels so awesome. I don't know how long I linger there, but then I wake up into a non lucid dream. I feel like there's an intruder in the house.

    I get up and go check the hallway. Noone. At this point it's just a regular dream. I walk over to Lucy's bedroom and wake her up to tell her about my LD. She seems excited about it but her dad won't let me speak and keeps talking about his comic books.....?

    And then I wake up.

    This was the best LD ever since the first one I had 10 years ago
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    1. DannyCool's Avatar
      WOW! It Is so great that you meditated in your lucid. I am just so happy to read this.
    2. Minotaure's Avatar
      Thank you It was unbelievable and of course I want to do it again tomorrow morning. And this time fully focus on meditation only. Have you ever managed to meditate while lucid? I'm so curious about other people's experiences.
    3. DannyCool's Avatar
      My experiences like yours in dream come early in the morning. The fact that your boyfriend inspired you 3hrs into your sleep reflects with my experience. Tenzin Wangal the dream yoga author says that the first four hours of sleep are best for experiencing the vast open truth of happiness. The fact that your dream guide Lucy was there represents those happy peaceful dreams. The first two hours represent a vast open space but with opportunity for communication. I went through a period of time where I was able to stay aware during these first two hours but here is a cute little dream that I think you will like. I guess I have more experiences during the day than at night which is from the help of my spiritual practice and dream guide. Anyway enjoy this dream. Dreaming is not Dreaming - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
    4. Minotaure's Avatar
      Thank you, I will check that out!