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    Realm of Insanity

    Graveyard, School (Oct 31)

    by , 11-03-2012 at 05:10 PM (458 Views)
    Dream 1- After some of this dream has passed I am standing in a bright city around some other people and we get into a helicopter and fly a little ways away. We land in front of a graveyard which is in the city but has a fence around it. We go in and there is this spirt there and we start to fight it.

    Fragment 1- I am looking at a map and we are trying to get to a center are which is in a square and had a stairway going up each side of it.

    Dream 2- I am in the cafeteria with my friends and we are trying to Wild in the middle of lunch. We all close are eyes on three and just sit there trying to Wild but it doesn't succeed.

    Dream 3- I am in my house and my parents are in the middle of fighting. I threaten my dad that if he touches my mom I'm going to slam this metal flowerpot into his nuts

    Dream 4- I am in the hallway walking to my classroom and I stop and talk to a few people that I know. I then enter class and my mom is there and for some reason I now have a my sleeping bag and a pillow. The teacher turns off the lights and we all start to watch a movie on the smart board. After a little while I become the character in the movie.

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