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    1. Wasted Lucids, amusement rides (Nov 1)

      by , 11-03-2012 at 05:19 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      Dream 1- I am laying down on a bed and it is dimly lit with just a single lamp on the right side. While laying on this bed I become lucid. I don't get up off the bed but I sit up. I then say that I want a man with a gun to come attack me and the door that I'm facing opens up and a man pokes his head in. I reach into my pocket expecting to feel a gun but it's empty. I panic and wake myself up.

      Dream 2- I am in an amusement park and I am trying to get on this red train but it's unstable and I keep flipping off and when I almost make it on the person driving it starts moving and I start to trip. When I finally do get on the train I become lucid and the first thing I do is wake myself up. For what reason I don't know.

      Dream 3- I'm in an amusement park on a spooky ride which goes slow but it's supposed to be scary. If I look behind us there's is someone on a wagon cart trying to catch up to us which I beleive to have been snoopy.

      The first time I have ever been lucid twice in one night (besides my first Deild) and all I did was waste it for whatever reason.

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    2. Lucid Weather Manipulation (sep 24, 2012)

      by , 09-27-2012 at 12:34 AM (Realm of Insanity)
      While watching a movie I amble into the kitchen to make me breakfast. I pull out the bowl and cereal (Cheerios) when my mom walks in and points a few things out to me like the five frogs on the frigerator, which are not there in real life but I believe were placed there in a different dream, but she points out that the five are now three and that their wooden spoon handles are broken. I walk into the living room and for some reason try to phase through the window, it doesn't work so I question if I'm really dreaming or not. I then tap the screen to my alarm system and what comes up is normal except for the black box around it.I completely realize that I'm dreaming and instead of trying to go through the window again I simply open the door. I walk out onto the street and start practicing my flying, which has been rather off lately. I take off and just as quickly fall and slide on my back. I then decide to want to have a fight and three people come around the corner. I then find myself summoning a heavy rain to disguise myself, even though no real fighting goes on.
      Paperdoll: Exposed...-storm.jpg
      I then appear in my moms room and I began stabilizing them dream every way I can. I then begin talking to my mom and she tells me a story about a Indian man who does stuff with dreams that live near a bridge in Albuquerque.

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    3. KIdnapped! (Dec 1, 2011)

      by , 12-03-2011 at 02:06 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      I am in a car and I immediately know that I have been kidnapped. We go inside of a Corporate building and it is very futuristic.I am sent upstairs to where a man and a woman are talking. They tell me to follow them into a room but I sneak away. I then wake up in my bed, but I still realize that I'm dreaming so I start to run something behind me. I then start shouting clarity x 1000 and everything gets more sharp. I am then transported back into the building. I am behind a locker and I'm listening to the boss of the company talking to what appears to be a janitor but he is whispering so I know something bigger is going on. They start heading my way and I tell myself to become invisible. I can still see me, but I trusted that I was invisible. The boss looks my way then turn back, so I'm hit with relief then he turns my way again and yells at someone to stop me.I curse and start running which usually gets me flying. As I get up into the air the guard grabs my leg and throws me back. I wake up.
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    4. Medival Lucid (Nov 18, 2011)

      by , 11-19-2011 at 06:11 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      I am at a medival festival. There are tents set up and apparently it is a school trip. We are leaving the festival and I drop my music player at the entrance. On the bus as we are driving my friend is in a convertible along the left side of the bus. She shows me my player and for some reason I motion her to throw it to me. Well it hits the window and bounces off into the street. Not long after someone on the bus needs to use the restroom so it pulls over tot he side of the road. While he is taking a bathroom break someone else runs off to go find my stuff. When he comes back he is holding something that is not mine. He tries to go back but i tell him not to worry about it. The dream skips ahead and the bus is now empty except for me and it is heading back to the event. It heads through a king aurthur high school and it crosses a tennis court while people are playing.. The dream skips ahead once more and it is night. Im no longer on a bus I am on stone wheels which are only a foot tall and are moving slower then I can walk. There are meany all over the place even some that are actually tires. I get up off the wheels and begin to walk. As I get closer to the event a large group of people made up of probably a hundred people dressed up in middle age clothes are heading toward me. An announcer says something about watching out for dragons and suddenly these people attack. This is where I became lucid. As the people get closer I try to set off a flame attack to take them all out at once but I fail. I then decide to escape. I tell myself to fly up and i do but very slowly. One of the people grab me in my left leg and makes it feel as though a knife is being plunged into it. Then the people begin making a chain each grabbing the one before them. They then slam me into the ground waking me up.

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    5. Powers of the Open-Lucid (Oct 29, 2011)

      by , 10-30-2011 at 04:29 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      The dream begins with me on a bike on a very step mountain. I already know I"m dreaming, and the words -- "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming!" -- are bouncing around in my head.
      I begin to pedal the bike down the hill, a voice behind me says to stop going so fast, so I speed up faster. I'm going so fast that when I hit a bump I get shot up into the air. I'm now flying over the trees. I feel so free, but it's a bike it doesn't fly, so I crash onto a building with may floors but no walls. There are monsters on the building, skeletons and dogs, and possibly zombies. RUBBING HANDS-xg3ivca4lso85ca5c6ymvcagjkz64cal6kjsqcawdfhblcaboerdycax5zfaycaikda42ca71xdywcacg4sm5cayruturca7.jpgI began to fight them knocking them over the sides. I even trick a skeleton to fall off the side without my help.(This whole dream takes place in the dark by the way.)I then fall off of the building and find myself in a barren landscape, with cracks criss-crossing the whole desert. There is a farmhouse and scattered water towers around. There is also distant shapes of mountains. In a sudden thought I tell myself I want to run fast. So I turn toward an open area and start running. "Run fast." I say to myself and before you know it I'm running at a super fast speed. The color of the dream changes to be a yellow grainy sand color, but then switches back to normal mis-run. I then stop running and turn my attention to the sky. I used the same technique as how I got myself to run and I started to fly. I was flying just as fast as my running. I started to bob and weave above and under water towers. Rubbing them as I go past, so that I stabilize the dream. The same color change that happened with the running also happened with my flying. I then told myself that I wanted to find the DV Academy. I keep lying until a large building comes into view on my left. I bank towards it, steadily slowing down until I land softly on the ground. I look at the entrance and it says DV Academy, but instead of heading inside their is a small shack behind me that says DreamViews. I enter the shack and this is where I believe I became semi-lucid.Inside the shack is my mother, my friend from school, and some random lady. They're all wearing old style clothes. I then realize that I have to use the restroom. I exit the house and enter a snow filled area, I then turn to the side of the shack. There are stairs leading up to the top. I'm about to head up them, but a shadow that disappears behind the house, makes me think otherwise. I run into the house, and lock the door behind me.
      "Whats wrong?" My friend says, as she looks at me with a questioning look.
      "There is something out there."
      "Did you use the restroom?" she asks.
      "No, I got scared."
      "Jordann, don't be stupid there is nothing out there." she tells me as she tries to open the door. I don't letter and it soon becomes a wrestling match. The lock of the door breaks off and I am encased in a cocoon of fear."Mom!" I yell as I run into the old kitchen. Allison broke the lock to the house and there is something out there. My mom drops what she is doing and runs towards the door.
      The dream ends with my mom trying to fix the lock.

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