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    Wasted Lucids, amusement rides (Nov 1)

    by , 11-03-2012 at 05:19 PM (504 Views)
    Dream 1- I am laying down on a bed and it is dimly lit with just a single lamp on the right side. While laying on this bed I become lucid. I don't get up off the bed but I sit up. I then say that I want a man with a gun to come attack me and the door that I'm facing opens up and a man pokes his head in. I reach into my pocket expecting to feel a gun but it's empty. I panic and wake myself up.

    Dream 2- I am in an amusement park and I am trying to get on this red train but it's unstable and I keep flipping off and when I almost make it on the person driving it starts moving and I start to trip. When I finally do get on the train I become lucid and the first thing I do is wake myself up. For what reason I don't know.

    Dream 3- I'm in an amusement park on a spooky ride which goes slow but it's supposed to be scary. If I look behind us there's is someone on a wagon cart trying to catch up to us which I beleive to have been snoopy.

    The first time I have ever been lucid twice in one night (besides my first Deild) and all I did was waste it for whatever reason.

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