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    Zombie Meat (Oct 17 - Oct 18,2012)

    by , 10-23-2012 at 05:56 PM (648 Views)
    In what appears to be a trailer home there is a man and woman in a bathroom.
    They are getting ready to take a shower and the woman says, "I love it here."
    The two then get into the shower and the water comes and starts to caress them
    After a while the water stops coming out but the men and woman are still being bathed... in roaches.
    The roaches are crawling all over the walls and are being shot at the couple as if they were water.
    The woman screams and runs out of the shower the man right behind her. Before they can exit the
    bathroom a man (who might be the owner of the place and the couple might be guests) they yell at the man about the roaches and the man argues with them ans says that its fine. They continue to yell at him and
    the man snaps. "I said it's fine!" he yells. He then grabs both the man and woman by the back
    of their heads and slams them down on the edge of the counter. Everytime he slammed them down
    their faces became more disfigured until they were no longer even noticeble as people.
    The dream skips and the man is coming in through the front door of the trailer and he yells up to somebody and asks if he knows how to cook zombie meat. The man he yelled up to says that he knows how.

    Fragment- Policemen are trying to find zombies and rome is mentioned.

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    Tags: dream, rome, zombie
    non-lucid , dream fragment


    1. ty4TheAdventure's Avatar
      wow the roaches would make me cringe if there were so many of them!
    2. Mirui987's Avatar
      Lol there were thousands coming from everywhere. Good thing I was in third person and not first.