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    Bobby Carlyle is a crook

    by , 08-11-2014 at 08:15 AM (374 Views)
    Non-lucid dream, but still pretty.. ..interesting. Prelude: I've had a crush on Robert Carlyle since I was about 13 (he would have been 38 at the time) and have only recently admitted publicly that I do.

    I'm in a supermarket, working as a cashier. Suddenly Robert Carlyle is brought in, in handcuffs, as he had stolen something in another store. They didn't have any room to keep him, so he was sat down right next to me. We exchanged a few looks, but he was really pissed off. I just continued my work.

    -time gap-

    My work day ends and I'm told to escort Robert to prison, which I reluctantly do. Out of freaking nowhere a massive vampier vs humans fight breaks out in the prison, and I'm fighting alongside Sam Winchester (one of the main characters in "Supernatural"). The vampires have found a way to chemically freeze humans (you know, for conservation) and threaten to freeze everyone. (Funfact: they call it Vitrification) Sam and some other guy sacrifice themselves to be frozen so the rest of us have a fighting chance.

    The floor in front of them turns to ice, they step on it and freeze from their shoes up to their hair. It looks incredibly painful, but we have to fight the vampires so I sneak my way up to the balcony from which the vampires were looking on. The entire floor below is now ice and I start pushing them off of the balcony and onto the frozen floor, where they freeze just like the humans.

    Victorious, I stand up, turn around, and there is Robert Carlyle again, looking at me with sadness in his eyes. It hits me like a brick: he's a vampire too. A new one, I'd say, as the top of his head is missing (remember that scene at the end of KILL BILL? The one where O-ren Ishii is standing there with the very top of her head chopped off? Yeah, that's how Bobby looked.). I look back at him and shake my head. "You really need to get your head checked." I tell him. He half-smiles but it disappears soon as we both know what he has to do now..

    [end dream]

    Luckily for me, nothing happened next, but that feeling of understanding and sadness is still with me.
    In case anyone didn't grasp it, he was supposed to kill me at the end, as I was the only remaining non-vampire. As I lay awake afterwards, I did imagine that there was another way: conversion. If he had me converted into a vampire, we both could have lived. But in the dream, it didn't occur to either of us, apparently.

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