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    Dream Space, The Final Frontier

    Deloreans & Lemon Bee Hives

    by , 09-26-2011 at 07:33 PM (621 Views)
    I hide in a house for a prank to surprise a friend. The lights are off. I hear him come in, the lights come on. It is not him! It is someone in a gas mask and a flak jacket. I think it is a woman? I yell, "Get out! Get out of my house!" My friend is there, he is one of the old actors from The Dirty Dozen.

    Broken Subaru
    I help a fugitive on the run in exchange for sex. I help him get to the river. I then take a bus to go home. The bus drops me off. I get stopped by the national guard. They are searching for the fugitive. They ask me why I am walking alone in this part of town. I explain that my Subaru broke down and to save gas I am walking.

    Lemons and Kitties
    I am in a strange old house. It is a little dark and dank. There is a large lemon built into the ceiling, where a light fixture should be. I hear a man's voice telling me to notice the texture of the lemon (from the Hemi-sync lucid dreaming exercise tape). There seem to be many bees living in a colony built into the giant lemon. There are a few rooms in the house.

    I walk into the next room, away from the lemon in the ceiling. In this room I see three cats, all different sizes but they are all Venus, my cat. As the three cats walk away from me, I feel very sad. It is so strange that there are three of them, yet they are all my cat. I realize that I am dreaming! I look through the door into the hallway. The door is not solid, but like a gate or portcullis. I see a young man with a 70's style bowl type of haircut. He is lanky and not very attractive. I walk through the door to him and ask him, "Could you become R for me? He does not say anything but begins to transform. His hair is shorter and blonde and he is suddenly more attractive. This does not make him look anything like the friend I asked him to be. He leads me by the arm, as though we are on a date.

    We walk into a room with a large dining room table that is set and has a lot of food. We sit down. I ask the dream figure if he could help me find R. Suddenly, R is sitting on the side-table nearby. He is sitting cross-legged, Indian-style. I look at him for a moment. He is not quite completely correct. It's about a 90% accuracy for his appearance. I know the real R is more attractive and there is something slightly off about this dream interpretation of him.

    R looks at me and says, "What's wrong? You were okay the last time I saw you."

    I respond, "I'm okay now. I just wanted to see you."

    He begins to reply but as he opens his mouth to speak the voice of the Hemi-sync recording covers it up.
    I wake up.

    Losing Weight?
    I am walking down a street and a woman across the street asks me, "Are you losing weight?" I respond, "Yes. I'm working on it!" and chuckle.

    THE Delorean
    I'm driving around downtown (of my old hometown). I helped Dr. Kramer and his wife, Lilith by giving them a ride. We drive past a building that was where they filmed for Cheers to say that Norm worked in that building. It is a very industrial, two story brick building with an old, iron set of stairs on the outside.

    A jerk pulls up next to my car. He is in a convertible. He yells at me for having the windows open, for being too cheap to run my air conditioning. After running a few more errands for people, I pull into the parking lot at a grocery store. I come out of the grocery store with some friends and head towards my car.

    In the corner of the parking lot I see a silver car. I think to myself, "Is that Delorean?" I head towards the car and the driver-side door opens gull-wing style. It is not only a Delorean, it is THE Delorean. Marty McFly is rummaging around in the car looking for something.

    The scene transitions. I am with my family (not my real family). I blame my parents for ruining my life Marty in an alternate time line.

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