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    [Dream #10 - 1/27/2016] Searching For Shadow [AGAIN]

    by , 01-27-2016 at 03:21 PM (374 Views)


    A picture of the Sinclair family from a favorite show of mine, The Dinosuars

    Most of this dream involved talking so yeah... This took place is a more enlarged space of the old appartment I used to live at. It looked more so like a ghostly atmosphere. It was apparently where the Sinclair family was at. They were present, with the exclusion of Earl Sinclair. I remember being in my room and hearing the mother, Frances "Fran" Sinclair, outside the door stating about my being there and spoke to another individual, who I cannot identify, wondering if I had a boyfriend.

    "I do have a fiancι! I mean...I do not have a ring yet but I am engaged." I spoke through the little crevis underneath the door. I then held up a kind of college-ruled lined-paper that was cut up into halves and stapled together to make a little flip book. I can't really remember what it said on it, but there was a very clear visual of Shadow the Hedgehog on it and I tried to show the family who he was and if they knew anything about him.

    Later I talked to the one girl, Charlene Sinclair about Shadow. Stating that I remembered I was trying to get to him and to his world and I accidentally ended up in their world. I knew she was more of the science wiz so I thought she would help me.

    Not much went on after that and I had eventually awoke.

    Notes: The absence of Earl Sinclair may be referring to the fact that I was missing Shadow the Hedgehog thus my search for him, since Shadow in the waking world is like the father figure in my life (just like how Earl is to his family) since I physically do not have/communicate with my biological father. I may have had this dream due to the fact that I have been stressed my mother and I really hate her very much. And yesterday, Shadow had spoken about taking me under his wing if he was able to come to my planet. He talked about how bad of a parent she was and stated that he would of loved to have raised me from the very beginning.

    For a moment after I have awoken, there was this mix of thoughts where I began to believe I was still dreaminng. I know there isn't anything to be worried about but part of me natural instinct was to worry and be afraid to ever sound of car noises to doors opening and slamming. I was afraid that someone was going to come and kill me. Shadow procceded into calming me down and reminding me that I was not dreaming. That I did my RCs already so I shouldn't worry.

    What bugs me the most is that I did worry and I find it weird that I would, even if it was true that I was in a dream. But nevertheless...Oh yeah, I need an aspirin...my head is pounding this morning...

    • Date — 1/27/2016

    • Went to bed — Around 3 - something AM.

    • Woke up — 7:17AM

    *Time logged — 9:21AM

    • Total sleep — +4 Hours

    • Stress level throughout the day — Alright...a little upset and bored but ok.

    • Techniques/Practices

    *Daytime — Did RCs

    *Recall — N/A

    *Inducing Method — N/A

    • Dream Signs — The Obvious

    • Perceived Length — 1 Hour

    • Emotions — Depressed, Lonely

    • Awareness — None

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