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    [Dream #17 - 2/3/2016] Shadow Stuff & Transformations

    by , 02-05-2016 at 06:17 AM (459 Views)


    Shadow Stuff & Transformations

    [Fragment #1] I found myself in a maroon colored atmosphere in a school-like setting. There was a skinny African guy and some tall brawny Caucasian man talking in a room behind glass. The Caucasian man spotted me and was coming out to approach me. I wanted to get away but he caught me and asked if I would find the guy "messed up in the head" if he told me a secret about him. The other guy was yelling, "NO NO NO! STOP!" And then I replied to the brawny man;

    MobianAngel: "I wouldn't care if he was to stick a finger up his ass and eat the shit that came out of it. I just don't care! Hell, my fiancÚ is a psychopathic murderer who eats babies and likes violence! Do you honestly think I would care about what he does?"

    [Fragment #2] There was a girl by the van of the African man's whose balloon began to float up into the air. I went to get it and tried to tie the small bit of string onto her backpack but it flew away once again and she cried.

    [Fragment #3] There was a place in a kind of mall-like shape where people could walk in and their bodies would change to be other creatures as they will gain the powers of the respective individual. There was a section for boys and one for girls. I remember the girls having mermaid transformations and some sort of lancer that can electrify the floor with a electricity infused lance.

    [2/4/2016] All I can remember is running outside of the house because my mother pissed me off and it was raining. The parking lot was exceedingly large and my Shadow the Hedgehog plush was clinging onto me as if it were alive and it would not let go.

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