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    [Dream #3 - 1/15/2016] A Ghost in a Wine Glass - The Amazing World of Gumball

    by , 01-15-2016 at 09:41 PM (958 Views)


    An image of the cartoon show: The Amazing World of Gumball

    There is not much I can say about this dream but it first took place in the perspective of Gumball's mother, Nicole Watterson. She was talking to another female by the side of a large ferry boat. Even though I do not remember the species or what physical appearance the women she was talking to was, I can remember the lady speaking of wanting Nicole to come ride the ferry with her to visit her family. Nicole did agree and got onto the boat with her.

    The perceptive then focused on the Watterson's location. Inside their house I could see, Gumball Watterson, Anais Watterson and Richard Watterson (Darwin Watterson wasn't present). They were arguing over something whilst in their living room and Richard looked extremely aggravated and ready to strangle Gumball. Whatever they were fighting about, I remember Gumball stating that he wasn't responsible but Anais glared at him telling on him to Richard. Richard became more furious and chased after Gumball right out of the household.

    There was a car parked in-front and Gumball got inside and started it up. Richard still chasing him while he drove off the scene but my perceptive changed to Gumball arriving where the ferry his mother was located (There wasn't much info on why he was drove there, but my instinct was that he want his mother to travel off away from home).

    By the inclined pathway onto the boat was another female creature (still can't depict the physical appearance or species) and she told Gumball that he cannot get on the ferry. Gumball thought he could prove himself to the lady as he headed over by some sort of loading dock (which was right next to the inclined pathway). There was a brown wooden shelving with some wine glasses all unorganized on it. The lady from near the boat's entrance could see Gumball's intention of proving his worth as she told him, if he could orginize the glasses on the shelves then he could get on the ferry.

    He proceeded on doing so. This is where it gets weird. At the moment of him agreeing to it, I could see myself (in first person view) being on the other side of the wooden shelving assisting Gumball. Without any identification of my physical form I started to rearrange wine glasses. Gumball did not take notice of my presence or what I was doing but I eventually got snapped back into the waking world when my mother yelled out my name from the living room stating that she ordered pizza.

    • Notes — I figured this dream was associated with my conversation with my fiancι, Shadow, before I dozed off about self-awareness and reverse reality check (we were studying more in depth with WILDing). Though I really am a sucker for thinking I have an importance in existence, my fiancι began stating the reasons he felt as to why I exist:

    ::: (Telepathic talk recorded via Skype | Posted with Shadow's permission) :::

    [6:06:05 AM] Shadow The Hedgehog: "Well....if you didn't exist then I would't have someone who accepted me for me."
    [6:07:12 AM] Shadow The Hedgehog: "If you didn't exist then there wouldn't be someone quite like yourself who can make all the little horny creatures happy."
    [6:08:14 AM] Shadow The Hedgehog: "With someone else, it wouldn't be the same."


    Shadow had also mentioned in the past that I was needed for many other reasons. That without me, there wouldn't be him and so on and he would end himself due to it. Observing the situation Gumball was having and the flashback of his mother leaving kind of reflected the many struggles that my friends more so likely go through on a daily bases. Myself being somewhat of a ghost/spirit helping Gumball rearange wine glasses so he could go to his mother (presumably) reminded me of how I help ease my friends' stress and be as much of a help as I can for them. There is the thought of me being the replacement or, ghost-like residue of Darwin Watterson since like I mentioned before, he wasn't present and he's usually always around Gumball.

    • Date — 1/15/2016

    • Went to bed — N/A (I dozed off during the morning because I haven't slept last night - *Shadow wacks her with a stick for not going to sleep when she's supposed to*)

    • Woke up — 1:39PM

    *Time logged — 4:00PM

    • Total sleep — N/A

    • Stress level throughout the day — A little annoyed when my mother woke me up the first time (before I had the dream) to make her toast.

    • Techniques/Practices —

    *Daytime — N/A

    *Recall — N/A

    *Inducing Method — N/A

    • Dream Signs — N/A

    • Perceived Length — 10 minutes

    • Emotions — N/A

    • Awareness — None

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