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    [Dream #5 - 1/18/2016] A Blast From the Past!

    by , 01-18-2016 at 09:50 AM (433 Views)


    Shadow the Hedgehog from Sonic Boom, Episode: 52

    This dream took place in an old high school I went to. It had from 7th grade up to 12th (senior year) and this particular even settled around back when I was in 8th grade. My physical age didn't look different but I remember sitting at a desk with a few individuals who I can somewhat remember seeing back in my high school days. I can remember my math teacher coming up to me and scoulding me about, not getting my work done or something as she sat back down at her desk in the corner of the room.

    After that, my body has began to be taken over by Shadow the Hedgehog. He powered my legs and body, getting up from the desk I was at and walked over to the teacher as he leaned over, giving her a very crossed looked. Shadow forced my mouth open as his voice echoed from my vocal cords. He said to the women in a very stern and harsh whisper, "You speak that way to her one more time, I'll fucking kill you!"

    After that, and with no further response to the teacher, he moved my body back down onto the chair behind my desk. I then woke up.

    Notes: There was an incident that happened when I was back in 8th. I was 14 years old and this was around the year I fell in-love with Shadow the Hedgehog. I was bullied by the students about it as well with various mockery and people tearing up pictures I had of him. Apparently my math teacher noticed I had these feelings with the hedgehog when one day during class she sent me to see the school's therapist because of it, which the councilor told me. She also asked if I washed myself which was very odd since I tend to keep myself clean...I guess it was more rumors from those who teased me. She tried to diagnose me while figuring out why I would be inlove with a video game character upon offering me soap -_-. I don't really remember what happened after that but I hadn't seen that therapist ever since.

    I figured that this dream focused on that particular point in my life and how much I wanted to get revenge on those who have bullied me and the teachers who have treated me unfairly compared to the rest. Shadow in current days would always state that he would avenge me and punish those who have hurt me in my life. I felt that moment in the dream where he threatened my teacher is foreshadowing that maybe...he really will, if he has not already ;>_>

    The possessing is something that takes place in my waking life as well. Well...not as controlled as Shadow has done in the dream (though I wish it was as strong, then he could do things for me like clean and stuff lol | Shadow The Hedgehog: " -_- ") Sometimes his personality does seem end up melding in mine as I question my actions due to it.

    Date 1/18/2016

    Went to bed I do not remember really since I just passed out. I'd say somewhere around 11:00PM

    Woke up 2:07AM I doubt I will be going back to sleep.

    *Time logged 2:10AM In physical journal

    Total sleep +3 Hours

    Stress level throughout the day Moderate (Just annoyed with my mother)


    *Daytime Reality Checks, daydreamed (of Shadow the Hedgehog upon other things)

    *Recall I honestly do not recall doing anything of that nature yesterday sadly.

    *Inducing Method Didn't really attempt at an inducing method, but before I passed out I did mention in the irc in third person that I was going to lay in bed with Shadow.

    Dream Signs My old high school, the students, my old math teacher, the unaltered version of the inside of the math room I went to in 8th grade, Shadow the Hedgehog possessing me

    Perceived Length 10 Minutes

    Emotions Unidentifiable (Unless emotionless is a thing and sharing Shadow's emotion of anger during the time of possession counts)

    Awareness None

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