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    1. Herding sheep.....WITH GUNS

      by , 02-15-2011 at 02:31 AM
      I'm in the army. My squadrons task is to herd sheep every day. We do this for a bit, then suddenly one day we come out and there is another group of sheep at the end. Immediately i start moving down the side to get a head start to herd them back, but my squadron commander blows his whistle and everybody sits down and all the sheep turn into kids. One of the kids raises his hand and asks "Does anybody ever try to invade your fort?". For the first time I notice a fort off to the left of us. Our leader says "Yes, but we have to shoot them". Suddenly, I flash To a scene of somebody running towards the fort and being shot down. I view that scene like it was in a movie, with the perspective being on the ground and to the left. Suddenly I'm back to the field. The same kid raises his hands and asks "How old are they?". "usually about 70-75, guess they just can't resist the treasure" says my squadron leader.
      Tags: army, guns, sheep
    2. Leather jackets

      by , 02-13-2011 at 11:19 PM
      to start off, i only remember one dream from last night, but i have two fragments from the same dream.

      Fragment 1: I'm standing in line with a bunch of other kids who are dressed the same as me, leather jackets and sunglasses. I'm talking to two DC's and a friend from school. I'm trying to sing Daft Punk's "Harder better faster stronger" but i keep messing up because I don't know the lyrics. Then a big black lady comes out and says "We are now in phase 2: rehabilitation. We are going to start off with a spa"

      Fragment 2: Same dream, same outfit, and same friend from school. We're standing behind a balloon stand and i ask "What did you get for your grades" He says "100 %" I say "oh i got a 92" Then i spin around and the dream ends
    3. World of halo warcraft

      by , 02-04-2011 at 03:06 AM
      alright, this is my first DJ entry on this site, so if people would be kind enough to leave comments on how i could improve my layout, storytelling, or overall experience it would be appreciated.

      My Dream: My dream starts off with me and a friend playing a game that looks like a mix between halo and WOW, with you playing as master chief but in the WOW universe. We walk up to a terrace overgrown with plants that several players are standing on. We go up and ask whats going on. one says "You can get this awesome achievement if you beat this dragon using the turrets on the top of that building". My friend decides to try it and quickly fails. I say "I'll try" but he says "Dude your such a noob, if I can't do it, you can't do it". I try anyway. The combat is pretty simple, there are 4 turrets on top of the building, and you shoot at the dragon while dodging his attacks. I do this for a while and i'm down to a very small amount of health and i think I'm going to die. Suddenly my friend says "he's down here playing dead, come get him!!" I walk down and see the dragon. I notice that there is suddenly a timer in the corner, and a gate that appears out of nowhere that i decide i have to get into before the timer runs out. I run by the dragon and throw two grenades as I'm running past. Unfortunately one bounces off. I stop running toward the gate, turn around, walk a few steps and throw another grenade at the dragon. While that happens my friend screams "DUDE WHAT ARE YOU DOING". I turn around and run back toward the gate and say in a really badass voice, "Getting an achievement", right before the grenade explodes killing then dragon. The screen goes black for a few seconds and i'm not sure if i made it through the gate in time, when suddenly the screen says CONGRAGULATIONS, and the dream ends.