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    Amphibian on wheels

    by , 06-22-2020 at 12:54 PM (247 Views)
    ...after some other dream scene, I'm in a dark street, a man is yelling as he's pointing to some bug: "there it is!, it was in our boat before!" The insect keeps moving but I could hardly see it. Then I change the view to a house, couple of feet away, seems more like a building with a big garage. I focus on it and I see some creature, with long extremities crawling on the wall; the man insists on catch it, but I think to myself: "he should leave it alone, he could harm it". I see clearly now! the man grabs a frog, it's all striped black and goldenrod, from head to toe, it changes in size (of course I'm fixing my attention on it). He puts wheels on all extremities, starting with the left hand. He's planning on getting inside the amphibian, which is now bigger than him, so he decides to ride it!
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