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    Couple of dream fragments- REM Dreamer

    by , 07-05-2020 at 11:17 PM (262 Views)
    Im in some hallway and people start grabbing red chairs, they are passing at a fast pace by my side. I tried to grab one but I think one of my exgirlfriends has it already, and she walks away.

    On this seen my exgirlfriend appears again, we're on a balcony and as I'm looking down, I tell her: "look at the white statues linning up, those are the children of the Virgen Of Fatima"(she was very devoted to saints of the Catholic church, probl. until now). Then the scene changes and I'm really close to her, then I'm on top of her, we're laying down in some stairway. Then she tell me: "now you have to marry me". (I feel really puzzeld since we're already married w/ children).

    Now I'm in some kind of artshow or gallery, there's a big crowd of people, and someone is walking by me. When I enter a room there's a young female artist, doing really simple custom drawings for sale. I see her drawing with colorpencils, some kind of blue unicorn, with it's eyes closed. the costumer says something like: "look, for lucid dreaming" .(since I'm an artist, instead of feeling some envy, I say: "I hope she continues to be very successful in her works".

    Note: More clues from the REM mask highlated on red.
    On first fragment I see how the red chairs disguises as the led lights blinking on the mask.
    Also the white statues linning up disguises as the afterflash and series of clues, of the mask.
    Again there's the importance of doing a RC during the day when bright colors appear, linning up items and so on...Being aware of any surroundings and elements in walking life. Then becoming aware and gain lucidity in the dream.
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