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    Fireworks in the classroom.lucid dream.WILD.TOTM.

    by , 01-31-2012 at 01:14 AM (661 Views)
    So there I am in my dream classroom, there are some students waiting for some teachers to come with some fireworks. two teachers come into the classroom with some crystal boxes and inside about 8 cylinders to fill them with some colorful firework powder.
    I start to fill the cylinders as the students are patiently waiting. I start thinking that there would be a lot of smoke and the roof may burn, but then I realize that this is just a dream and nothing would harm me or the people around me. I continue putting as many colors as I want, the other teachers are ready to start the fireworks...When I finished all cylinders I look at the teachers and they can't start the fireworks, then I say I could start them with my superpowers, so I tell them to move back; and there they are 3 crystal boxes full of fireworks i concentrate on the boxes and then with a snap of my fingers they all light up at the same time, many colors start to shoot out into the ceiling, and as they touch the ceiling butterflies start to come out from the top of the colorful fire fountains everyone is amazed, until...a big explotion on one of the cylinders, one of my special education students ran away so I have to go after him and the dream starts to fade out.

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    1. Taffy's Avatar
      That sounds really cool. :3