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    Lots of shootings

    by , 07-01-2020 at 02:28 AM (203 Views)
    I'm outside in some unknown street, afternoon time and there seems to be a stadium behind me. Then out of the sudden I hear gun shots, and people started running. I dock a little and I'm a bit concerned because I don't see where the shooting is coming from. Then I see a car coming, my perception zooms and goes inside of it, there are about 5 coworkers from the school I use to work in. JO, a teacher is on the wheel, she steps on the gas as she comes near a curbside, near the side walk Im standing by. Apparently a gang, commanded by some french girls are shooting guns all over...
    I manage to go away from the shooting and now I'm calmer, I'm sitting on a bench, trying to read an e-sign with red leters moving from right to left. Then a DC, male, appears on my right and shoots me on the torso. I fell in slow motion while feeling a strong jolt from the shot impact, that transitions to WL. Then I wake up.
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