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    1. TOMTM- Basic I -feel the wind blowing- succeeded!

      by , 06-24-2020 at 04:04 PM
      I'm venturing on an unknown street, can't remember where I was coming from.., it's night time. I passed a sign on the right side of the street, I take a quick look, it's sort of educational, but wait I saw a middle finger picture on it?!. At this moment I'm looking 360 *, like if I have eyes on the back of my head, about 3 feet away, letters are mixed hallway letters and the rest pictures. I Walk back, to take a closer look. All lettering and pictures keep changing, I say: yes! is a dream!, I look in the dark sky, with a bright moon semi-covered w/clouds.., "thank God" I start rubbing my hands together, (for the first time in a while!) about 3 sec. dream time.
      Now I keep walking in the opposite direction. I say on my head: "Now let's feel the wind!! ". A comforting cool breeze arrives, fresher than normal WL temperature, I could feel it on face and arms..It's pitch black
      ..Did I close my dream eyes??
      Then dream shifts, I Appear inside one of those huge dinosaurs, inflatable suits. My perception shifts outwards, I'm looking at a cropped view of it, the neck, I know I'm inside... now what?? I started waking up around 3. I hear the dream clue from my phone right afterwards...

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    2. Basic II -sneak up on DC and scare -succeded..Im not a spooker

      by , 06-18-2020 at 08:34 PM
      Basic ii -sneak up on DCs - Succeded!
      In the dream, I'm at school, in a classroom that seems to be 3rd grade. but wait! I think to myself, I finished High School and College, why am I here..??
      Then 3 girls come to my desk and I get distracted.. They started putting glue or more like slime on my desk, one of them mixes some brown and black paint on it, and tells me this is a cake for you..! As I intended to do an RC. splaaattt!! goes all over my face! I remained calm and think to myself, "This is just a dream", immediately I remembered the basic II task. I stand up, raising my both hands up, just like a lagune monster emerging from a swamp. Then I see a group of boys and I do a loud gggroooaarrr!!! they all start running away, knocking some desks down..
      Then the teacher starts yelling, "What is this mess?!!" I started wiping my face off like if nothing has happened.
    3. Fireworks in the classroom.lucid dream.WILD.TOTM.

      by , 01-31-2012 at 01:14 AM
      So there I am in my dream classroom, there are some students waiting for some teachers to come with some fireworks. two teachers come into the classroom with some crystal boxes and inside about 8 cylinders to fill them with some colorful firework powder.
      I start to fill the cylinders as the students are patiently waiting. I start thinking that there would be a lot of smoke and the roof may burn, but then I realize that this is just a dream and nothing would harm me or the people around me. I continue putting as many colors as I want, the other teachers are ready to start the fireworks...When I finished all cylinders I look at the teachers and they can't start the fireworks, then I say I could start them with my superpowers, so I tell them to move back; and there they are 3 crystal boxes full of fireworks i concentrate on the boxes and then with a snap of my fingers they all light up at the same time, many colors start to shoot out into the ceiling, and as they touch the ceiling butterflies start to come out from the top of the colorful fire fountains everyone is amazed, until...a big explotion on one of the cylinders, one of my special education students ran away so I have to go after him and the dream starts to fade out.
    4. The bouquet of flowers. (this was the TotM of April that I never shared until now)

      by , 08-18-2011 at 05:22 AM
      I'm passing by a house with a beautiful garden with lots of flowers, and I'm seeing it from far distance. I see a yellow caution tape all over the garden; I think to myself "the owners of that house really want to keep people out of their garden". I believe I'm in a car so a keep driving down the street. Then I get into this big, kind of empty parking lot and I'm going in circles trying to find a good spot, I guess closer to this big super center similar to Waltmart. So I finally park the car and I walk couple of steps to enter the store. There are some big and wide stairs to my right so I continue going up, and when I get to the top there's a construction in progress, I take a quick look inside, seems like a big kitchen and there are some guys working on it, there's also a guy just going inside. I continue walking in the store but then I see other stairs heading down, but half way is under construction too and I could see some other guys working on it; so I'm starting to think if there's any other way to get in to the shopping area...So I remember seeing an elevator some where on that second floor, I walk a few steps and I see an elevator but there seems to be no access, there is a rail and next to it the elevator on a dead end wall. I say: "there's no way to get into that elevator", so I head back to the entrance; as I go down the stairs I say to my self " this is a dream", things don't change much but as I get to the bottom of the stairs there's no parking lot, the ground is unpaved and it's night time. Then as I look on the ground I start to see dollar bills, $10's, $20's but as I pic them up more and more start to appear, so I remember to look at my hands no to focus too much on the money; I see 6 fingers on each hand, I rub my hands and stabilize the dream. Then...BINGO!, so I say to my self: " I think with this money I could buy the BOUQUET OF FLOWERS!, so as I'm walking I see an old ranch house to the distance, then my vision gets like a magnified glass, and I see this bouquet of yellow and white flowers, wrapped on a transparent cellophane, and next to it there are some medicinal herbs; they're all hanging in front of the old ranch house, on the roof. Religion and Myth-bouquet-flowers.jpgas I get closer to the bouquet the dream start to vanish, but I remember to stay still and relaxed completely. I'm back in front of the house, but this time I see an old couple sitting in front of the porch, and as I look down I see a garden full of flowers with many colors. then I hear a voice saying: " you need to wait for the flowers, to be offered to you". I'm not focused on the bouquet any more ,but I want to get the flowers from the garden.. and I think "that would be stilling"..(I guess I'm not lucid anymore?since is a dream, would it be stealing?, Now I stare at the old couple and the dream continues... without lucidity...

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    5. The beginning of a new journey 12-02-10.

      by , 08-13-2011 at 06:35 AM
      My first readings about LDs was in November 2010; and then on December of the same year I had the Lucid dream that changed my life!
      It all begins when I'm walking on a very quiet street, it looks like a street from a small village, I see wooden doors, not side walks, the floor is uneven, and everything is very bright, just like day light...I'm very curious and I look around questioning where am I...?
      then has I look on the sky I...(I just got the goosebumps)... so as I looked on the sky I see a very clear night sky, full of stars, and the more I stare the sky starts to turn into hues of peach and red colors and now is an immense dome; I can't believe!...It is a dream! I start to look down and I see some doors in a very uneven ground. I proceed to do the RCs AM I DREAMING?... yes I'm dreaming!!! I look at my hand, at first I see 6 fingers or more then on the other hand the fingers are shorter and distorted, also the hands are inverted.
      Now I'm even more conscious of being inside the dream. I look to my left, from top to bottom, I see a temple like set up with spot lights. I see a dark brown statue of Buddha, and next to it a saint sitting on a gold throne with some scriptures, and carrying baby Jesus on his lap..I'm in awe!
      then I think what I'm I going to do next...? I notice that I have two little stones in my hand and I put them on the ground; then to my surprise I see a rectangle shape like fountain, looks like black marble and is about 7" X 18". I know it's clean I really what to try this out, I put my hands very slow and I can feel the water wetting my hands, I notice is not deep enough to submerge my hands totally, I keep wetting my hands like 2 or 3 times; then I wet my face and pass my hands through my hair. It is amazingly real!
      I look back into the temple and it haven't change much, the I look at the bottom of the dome and I notice there are like three doors, but at that moment I don't feel curious enough to open them. then I look up the enormous dome with colors and stars...the dream start to vanish, immediately I start to rub my hands to stabilized the dream but doesn't work; I also notice that I have some kind of music on my radio getting louder and louder...I wake up .. but I'm so !!!

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