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    Mom and I driving a van wrecklesly, on a broken bridge.

    by , 06-20-2020 at 04:26 PM (327 Views)
    In the dream, my mom is complaining about how dirty the van is, as she starts wiping down the upholstery and around the dashboard..apparently was left a mess after some previews trip, according to her.
    This van reminds me of the one we used to have in NJ., a 1972 Ford!, a heavy-duty mechanic steering wheel, a real workout!...back to the subject, I sat on the passenger seat, and of course my mom is driving. ( , my mom doesn't drive until this day. IWL). As she starts driving, I see at the distance, a huge bridge, more like the George W. B. This bridge is only 3 wide lanes, and the floor is wooden boards ??! and mom takes the middle.
    I start noticing there are missing boards on the bridge, and the tension starts to build up inside me.
    Then I feel couple of bumps here and there, we're not going too fast, about 30 to 40 mph. The gaps between the wooden boards are getting bigger and bigger, now I'm really tense.. Then my attention gets fixed on how we will be able to make it through an incoming gap, about 1 foot wide; so now I feel we're stuck... I look in front, there aren't any boards on all three lanes, only some type of iron rails dividing them , but I could glance at what it seems the other side of the bridge; one or two-man are standing couple hundred feet apart from us..
    We're hanging in the bridge, so desperate need, my mom goes on reverse (well, my intention goes R..)
    Mom steps on the gas with no hesitation..all the way! I start thinking shit! the incoming traffic, I see cars zooming by, we're recklessly driving on R. to where the bridge started and beyond..
    We finally slow down after about half mile. My vision and perception zooms in and out of the van, video camera like, I see cars fast and slow-motion simultaneously, trafic is coming as close as 12 in. apart..
    Next thing I know, the police arrives with multiple cars, I think cameras on the bridge must have seen that scene
    A female accompanied by other two police officers approach us calmly by the side of the road, and I see no guns out. Then mom says: " I want to report to that officer, I trust that one!" (nothing personal).. I raise my hands up behind my head, submissively
    My sister and my aunt arrive to the scene, as Im signing some card. I noticed my signature blurs out as I write.
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