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    Monkeying around...

    by , 06-26-2020 at 01:24 AM (294 Views)
    The monkey kid

    I'm surrounded by people as I watch a Kid wearing a monkey mask made out of paper. Hes going to sing a silly song if we pay him..he starts a demo, sounds like some kinda cumbia-rap and I start laughing.

    A Complex mechanism

    I'm picking up smaller pieces of some machine, on a sail boat's deck, from the 1900s? a man is explaining each of it's functions, and he's also folding biger pieces of the complex machine; it's astrong material that I don't know of.
    I believe I'm still at the boat's deck
    As I'm staring at a couple I say out loud: "every where I go I find some humble people. A voice says everywere? Yes, in every experience, I say as direct to the cople: "yes you two" a man and a woman in their 40s. To my surprise a character vanishes poof!! leaving a black smoky cloud!, (like that one in D. love intro).. Just like if he was waiting for me to say it.. Then in my head.."I know them from somewhere".

    Then I see this other DC, slim and pale, sitting alone..I try to say a complement as I get closer. He turns me away with a unfriendly look, I tell him "oh that's ok..I keep walking by and try to show calm..but didn't expect his reaction at all, I'm feeling a little embarrassed.
    Hes worried or concerned about something.
    Then my perception then shifts to the front of the ship. I see a small silver statue of an elderly man, he seems to be trapped in the rigfront side of the ship. I feel he need to be released from some kind of curse.

    Fragmented ones..
    DC pulling another character that refuses to walk, he escapes and goes over over wall, more like a small room without roof, then drops some items from above.

    Cesar, a friend from my old town, Medellin, Colombia. critices me for having some belly.
    At the same time another friend, female, is offering some beauty products.
    Then I tell Cesar, I need to do more resistance exercises, instead of just cardio..He's looking more muscular than ever. We ride a short distance together, in some scooters.

    Eating dessert at a some event. I offered to some people. I getting very close to a sexy blonde, with green eyes sitting down, on panties, with her legs bent and crossed...
    A stage filled black giant puddles, seems to be a show or contest, as they're lining up, they turn into bizarre human characters.
    The one I remember is a headbold guy, white complexity and is covering a red nipple, with dog's hair..

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