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    At the theatre- (excercising w/ REM-Dreamer mask)

    by , 07-01-2020 at 03:20 PM (363 Views)
    I'm in a [COLOR=#ff0000]theater[/COLOR], there's a man DC sitting to my right. I see a lot of empty seats and I'm hearing some chattering behind, in one corner of the room. (I seemed to be distracted and don't remember seing anything on the screen, or if there was any screen at all. I need to be more aware of my surroundings!).
    Then the chatering gets louder and louder, I started thinking was a group of people that I know.
    My view changes to the entrance of the room, there's a robust lady, [COLOR=#ff0000]light skin and with some make up [/COLOR]on..( I could see in the dark?! :holycrap:). The laddy is waiting for a [COLOR=#ff0000]signal to turn the lights on.[/COLOR] I look in the corner again and see a dad watching his kid [COLOR=#ff0000]jumping and making noises[/COLOR], seems to be autistic. I switch back to the lady and [COLOR=#ff0000]lights go on[/COLOR], not quite bright enough to brighten the whole room. Now I see the DC, next to me, wearigh a bright [COLOR=#ff0000]white shirt[/COLOR], stands up and looks at me, I say: have a good one..He turns around and walks towards the exit.
    Now I see a kid carring, or better hugging a cardboard box that's almost braking apart, he's strugling to carry it, as he gets closer and closer I see some leafy, [COLOR=#ff0000]colorful begetables[/COLOR]. I want to help him but he doesent let go much. I'm barely holding it in one corner..I think: "probably he need some excersise carring stuff. We exit the room together, and now we're in a[COLOR=#ff0000] big bright hallway[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]. As we put the box down I see he has lost a big amount of weight!, hes abdome is looking a lot slimer. (He looks like one of my special ed. students) I look at the box again, now opened, [/COLOR][COLOR=#ff0000]I see some carrots, a cabage, and other leafy greens.
    I have decided to wear the REM- dreamer again, every other day. I was able to wear the a REM mask almost all night!, usually I would take it off while sleeping; of course as I analize and highlited on [COLOR=#ff0000]red, [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]anything [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]could be a real disguise. From vegetables to the make up on a person.
    Blinking signals of the mask could also disguise as the kid jumping up and down; (not so much the noise since the sound mode was off)... And so on, it's a great tool but still requieres lots of practice and not recomended for people with seisures!
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