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    11/18/21 - Montana, I think.

    by , 11-19-2021 at 12:50 AM (286 Views)
    I was in a culdesac with a long road leading up to it. My friend had the home at the end of the road (like if you were to drive straight down), and I had the one to the right. For some reason, Tony Soprano was in my dream looking for some sort of device that folds up, but when not folded it turns into a gun and shoots someone or vehicle? I think he was using it to whack people. One night I was pointing it at the sky, and a police officer drove over, but she didn't mind, I guess it was legal or something. Then I go to a party I was next to.

    Later, I'm in this factory along with a few other people, and we were stealing stuff from these offices inside the factory. I was stealing watches lol.

    The title is Montana because the environment looks like Hope County, Montana from Far Cry 5.

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