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    3/2/21 - Accidental MILD

    by , 03-02-2021 at 08:24 PM (109 Views)
    Though I am writing this DJ entry today, though this really happened a few weeks ago. It was actually an accidental MILD, (as the title states) and I was thinking about how my friend and I were biking to Subway for dinner, (which we did IRL earlier that day) then I got so tired to where I fell asleep. But instantly, my thoughts carried over to my dream world, inserting me into an accidental MILD. This is what happened in the accidental MILD: I was riding my bike with my friend, then I was crossing the road with my bike, and suddenly, a car driving at an extremely fast pace hit the back of my bicycle and sent me flying. I was so close to becoming lucid!! After that, I woke from my dream and my body jerked due to how real the car hitting me felt. Quite a scary one.
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    1. sivason's Avatar
      Sounds cool! You will get lucid soon if you stick to it.