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    7/6/21 - Yet another fake lucid dream

    by , 07-06-2021 at 06:12 PM (410 Views)
    This dream felt more real than the other fake lucids - although it still wasnít real, I feel like my subconscious sparked for a second as I was about to turn lucid. It started with me sitting or laying down on a couch, I canít remember - then I counted my fingers and I saw 6, 7, or 8 (canít remember again, lol,)
    But when I counted my fingers, like I said, I felt like I almost became lucid, though I didnít, so I will continue to try.

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    1. Tiktaalik's Avatar
      Hey, hope you donít mind me commenting. I wouldnít say this is a fake lucid, nor a real lucid itís what I call a pre-lucid. Your minds become aware enough to notice and become suspicious and the fact you reality checked confirms that. You just didnít quite tip over into lucidity. I had these quite often when I first started but genuine lucids werenít too far away! What ever you want to call them theyíre a step in the right direction. I would suggest really focusing when you RC and make sure youíre not doing them passively. Good luck!
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    2. Lang's Avatar
      This may mean you have to be more diligent about observing and questioning your surroundings. I think?
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