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    Angelica's Reign: Part II

    by , 10-27-2017 at 07:43 AM (716 Views)
    24 October 2017

    I found myself back in front of the mall with only faint memories of what had happened last time. I stood before what appeared to be an empty pool. It was the hour of twilight. Something was wrong. The place was deserted. Not just the mall but the entire surrounding area. I entered the mall, it was dimly lit. I was overcome with this sudden feeling of dread. I looked around and my heart began to race. I couldn't calm down. Why couldn't I calm down? As I looked around I began to flashback to events that had taken place after I had left the dream realm. Apparently, a lot had happened in the short time I was away. Angelica Pickles was actually the leader of her own syndicate and all along her ultimate goal was to take over this mall. I had vague memories of gunfights and struggles but ultimately, Angelica came out on top. Apparently, the mall doubled as the city's primary water source, I guess it was some sort of water facility. And since Angelica controlled the water, she essentially controlled the city. I never did learn what Jenkins and his family had to do with all of this, though. I went back outside and saw what appeared to be a terminal at the end of the pool. The terminal was huge and resembled a tanning booth. When I opened the terminal, I saw a small space where a disc was supposed to go. Somehow in that moment, I was able to surmise that the disc that used to be there was some kind of "key" and this key-disc would unlock the cities water supply. I also surmised that the empty pool served as some sort of reservoir

    As I looked around the mall I began to realize that I was dreaming. I was actually quite nervous since I knew that this place would be crawling with hostiles. I actually considered waking myself up. But then I remembered My Magic Watch. a handy tool I use and experiment with whenever I am having a lucid dream. First I checked my Social Status Indicator to make sure there weren't any hostiles in the area, then I decided to see if I couldn't use my watch to summon an ally to help me out. I looked down at my watch and pressed (what I hoped was) the 'help' button. Then I waited. I stood there for a while, periodically checking my Social Status Indicator. Then, to my relief, I saw a woman walking in my direction. Not only was she naked but her skin was completely transparent except for her face which was paper white. She had short brunette hair. I never got her name so I will call her "Kenda" a name that means "Clear."

    I don't remember how but we found ourselves in what appeared to be a school within the mall. And we were chasing Angelica down. Unfortunately, Angelica was fast, we couldn't get her. Then Kenda ran off in a different direction. She did not say anything but I knew what she was planning, she was going to get ahead of Angelica and flank her. I continued to chase Angelica down the hall, then down a flight of stairs until finally, Kenda came darting out from behind a corridor ahead of Angelica and cold-cocked her. Angelica was down for the count. I grabbed the key-disc off of Angelica's person and let out a sigh of relief. It was over.

    A little later, I found Kenda rummaging through one of the school lockers. I don't remember what she said but I do remember thanking her for her help. I remember we connected for a moment. She opened up to me and told me about the stake she had in this (I don't remember the specifics). I asked her if she would like to come with me to the terminal and do the honors of putting the key-disc back where it belonged. She politely declined and explained that she had her own business to attend to. After she left, Angelica showed up and, to my amazement, she admitted that she was wrong to do all that she had done. She apologized for everything, the false accusation, the hostile takeover, and all the pain that she had caused. I could tell that she was genuinely contrite. I commended her for her turn-around. We wished each other well and then I headed out. As I was walking through the mall I saw Kenda again. She was in a hall lined with clear tubes.
    Within these tubes were people with transparent skin just like her. It appeared as though their bodies were literally being regenerated as I saw various organs and body parts materializing. I surmised that these were friends that Kenda had lost in the battle against Angelica and her crew but now that Angelica has been defeated, she was able to bring her friends back. I smiled, I was happy for her.

    I walked outside to where the terminal was and saw that more people from the city were waiting there. Apparently, word had spread that Angelica had been defeated and now people had gathered to celebrate the return of their water supply.
    I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty stoked. This was by far the longest and most epic lucid dream I have had yet and now I would get to see this story to completion. As I walked towards the terminal with the key-disc in hand, victory music began to play in the background. I opened the terminal, placed the key-disc where it belonged, and closed the terminal. In that moment, blue streaks of light began to emanate from the terminal and travel all throughout the mall, signifying that the water supply had been unlocked. It truly was a magnificent sight as the victory music picked up and everyone cheered.
    Unfortunately, the excitement was a little too much for me.
    I woke up shortly thereafter.

    I went ahead and decided to compose the victory music I heard. I'm trying to get good I remembering the songs I hear. Here it is: https://soundcloud.com/ghostchild191/water
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    1. rebeccaprophet's Avatar
      I think the main symbols are the mall and the empty pool. Is your glass of life empty? Water is a metaphor for life...God's Living water. Why is the pool empty? Why is it at the mall? Think about it, meditate on it. malls can symbolize decisions and choices, but it can also indicate that there is too much materialism in your life.

      Pools can also symbolize being in touch with your feelings, and if its empty, you might be secretly feeling numb. Am I right?

      On to your dream characters (Angelica and Kenda). In what ways is Angelica controlling your life? What did you learn about yourself from Kenda (I see characters of dreams as archtypes that are a part of you...i.e. inner child, inner criticqe, inner wise person)).

      An empty pool might mean you're going through a spiritual dry time, lack of faith and lack of joy. Or maybe it simply represennts your desire to swim and are not able. I have swimming pool dreams all the time, or used to, and there was water in them but I couldn't feel the water...it was like both me and the water were paralyzed.

      What does your dream mean to you? The dream belongs to the dreamer.
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    2. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Cool lucid dream, I like the music too.
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    3. MortalTrinity's Avatar
      Cool lucid dream, I like the music too.
      Thanks, I literally had to run from my bedroom to the living room so that I could hurry up and get the melody down before I forgot it. I kept humming it to myself as I waited for my laptop to boot up.
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    4. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Thanks, I literally had to run from my bedroom to the living room so that I could hurry up and get the melody down before I forgot it. I kept humming it to myself as I waited for my laptop to boot up.
      Yw. haha xD That is some determination.I do the humming thing when I want to memorize a melody too. But for some reason it ends up changing somewhat.Glad you could preserve the dream music from your dream though.
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