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    by , 03-29-2017 at 08:28 PM (446 Views)
    Not much to tell here. The sky was overcast and I was helping my friends with something just outside of my apartment complex. I looked through my window to see a stranger sleeping on my couch. Obviously, I was upset. I went in and told him to get the fuck out. Then he just sort of looked at me at left. I asked him how he got in here in the first place and he said that one of the maintenance guys was letting him crash there in my apartment for the night because he was broke and had nowhere else to go. He then made me sound like a jerk not being more sympathetic and letting him crash there. It actually worked. I did feel bad for some ungodly reason. I mean, was it not my duty to help the less fortunate or some shit?

    I decided to give him some food and some money but forgot about him and fell asleep (in the dream). I "awoke" the next morning realizing that I had forgotten to give him the food and the money and so I quickly get it all together in a to go box and proceed to seek the guy out. And again, for some ungodly reason, all I can think about is what the maintenance guy must think of me for not being more generous. I then begin to contemplate the consequences of what I am doing. If I give him the food and money I would be sending a message that this is what happens when you break into my home. I give you food and free money. Worse yet, he had a copy of my apartment key so nothing would stop him from opening the door and walking right in. Worse yet, next time he might bring guests of his own. I began to consider the warning that Jesus gives in Matthew 12:43-45. Maybe I shouldn't do this...

    I then woke up for real though I was half asleep so I thought that all that stuff that had happened in the dream happened in real life. For a split second, I worried that that guy would return and questioned every decision I had made in that situation. I breathed a sigh of relief upon realizing that it was just a dream.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Lol xD I find it funny how he just showed up in your apartment like that. Lately I've been wondering about homeless people's situation as well though.Like how even though people donate the government could do better and how shelters need to improve. However, there are certain situations beyond our control so the best we could do is support/help those who we know will use it for good and pray for the best I think. I read the verse you brought up too and it does bring up an interesting point.