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    The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict

    Just posting the noteworthy dreams, you don't care about the rest.

    1. I Don't Know How To Play Guitar!

      by , 07-20-2016 at 01:52 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      I Don't Know How To Play Guitar! (DILD)


      I'm at a gig, having just performed, though what exactly I did escapes me. I watch a man in his 60s come on stage briefly with his guitar before going off again, presumably to fix a broken string. The crowd are cheering excitedly so I gather that he's well-known.

      He comes back on, but instead of playing he goes straight into a forward flip stage dive. Watching from the stage, I wince as it looks like he slams his feet down into someone's head, though no one seems to mind. We--me and a few others onstage--watch it replayed in front of us (though not on a screen), and it definitely looks painful.

      Lots of people are already crowd surfing so I decide to join in, and notice how quickly I'm passed over the crowd; it's like floating on a river. As I start to near the back of the crowd I realise I'm performing again soon and need to head back, and merely pointing towards the stage makes the crowd pull me there instantly.

      I get off the stage and walk past security into the backstage area. I navigate a load of corridors and notice how incredibly ornate everything is. It's like a palace, or a temple.

      I'm looking for some kind of dressing room but have no idea exactly what. I know I'm on soon, and get the feeling I'm meant to be playing guitar, but that's it. I've never played guitar in my life.

      Finally I find a guy who asks me what I need and I tell him: I'm performing soon need to find a dressing room. He points to the closed door beside him. I tell him I'm supposed to be playing guitar so need to learn how. Halfway through saying this it hits me: I don't know how to play guitar--it's a dream.

      I tell him, '...but it's a dream so...', and, not knowing quite what to do with this realisation, front flip magically through the closed door. I land on my back and wake up.

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      Tags: gig, performing
    2. That's How Much I Want This Job

      by , 07-12-2016 at 08:25 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      That's How Much I Want This Job (Non-lucid)


      So I'm currently job-hunting, and there's a particular job that should've gotten back to me this week--one that I want massively.

      The first part I remember is having to crawl across a large pipe above a huge pool of sewage. It stinks even worse than normal sewage I'm sure, and has a distinct vomit smell to it. I'm with three other people at least, split into two groups, though I don't think we're competing at this point.

      Me and a girl are taking it in turns to try and cross, but we fall off and into the sewage often. This then makes the pipe more slippery, and makes it harder and harder for us to not throw up ourselves. The girl is using a plate to throw up on so that it doesn't go directly onto the pipe. I don't throw up but I've never been able to taste such a horrific smell in my life. It even follows me into waking life when my alarm goes.

      I'm then in a skate park kind of setting, but instead of ramps there is a large multicoloured canvas stretching over about 200 square metres, and raised unevenly at various points, as if a sort of tent roof.

      I repeatedly (at least five times) climb up on one side and walk tentatively over what I deem to be the strongest parts to the other side, before jumping down and starting again. I do this in the hopes that it will help me get the job. There are two other people doing the same, far away from me, and one guy in particular I can see; he often picks up a skateboard and attempts to skate on it slowly. I worry that this will get him more points.

      Shortly after, in the same area, I'm on an astroturf pitch with various others a competing for the job. There is a coach-type figure, who will decide who gets it. Among the other applicants are some people I knew from school, but never really liked very much.

      I can't remember if there's anything he gets us to do, but I go off to the toilet, before worrying that I could be missing valuable time to impress the coach. I realise I've been complacent about my chances, and notice that there are still a lot of people in line to get the job.

      I dread to think of the people from my school getting it, as I feel they don't deserve it (they're not even in the same line of work as I am).
    3. Death in the House of Cards

      by , 07-01-2016 at 11:53 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Death in the House of Cards (Non-lucid)


      First one back. Pretty basic, but it's a start.

      I'm in the world of House Of Cards, in some sort of lab. There's some weird green insect, about the size of a small dog, being extracted from Frank--I don't know what for.

      A woman doctor is trying to not let me die, while undertaking some kind of operation, I suspect to make me stronger or something. The whole lab ignites from her intensely passionate concentration.

      As I leave, I see a guy flicking through politicians' profiles on his computer--including Donald Trump--trying to decide who next to target for whatever reason. He says to me, 'watch the exit'. Walking through the lobby of the building I see someone I recognise say 'I want to shoot someone today'. An innocent passerby overhears but it's too late, and one of the politicians I've just seen on the computer is killed in the crowd.

      I walk out the unguarded exit, as part of this was clearly meant to be a distraction. I look to the left to see Trump walking out of the building in a different direction, and I suspect he has been turned into a sleeper agent.

    4. Mugged

      by , 01-05-2013 at 05:38 AM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Mugged (Non-lucid)


      This dream was pretty intense and vivid, and I woke up with a racing heartbeat. Exciting though.

      I'm on a bus with my bags and bedding on the seat next to me. The bus is about a quarter full.

      A man that I feel I've seen before [in a previous dream, perhaps?] gets on and tries to sit next to me, despite the countless empty seats elsewhere. He's large, dirty and wears a wedding ring on a purple, frost-bite-looking finger.

      I resist, pushing my bags against him, as I suspect he's up to something. I begin to think he may be intending to beg, and feel bad, thinking people might judge me for denying a poor beggar.

      Within seconds, however, I see that he's managed to get my phone, iPod and wallet and is hiding them between his legs. I grab my wallet, falling over him into the aisle, shouting

      "This man is trying to rob me, someone please help"

      People gasp, but don't move. I drop my wallet at the feet of a man in the middle back seat, who slips it into his bag. I give him a look of thanks, knowing I can trust him to give it back to me later.

      I get up on my knees and look at the mugger, contemplating fighting him. The feeling that he'd win easily suddenly washes over me, and he explains that stronger people have tried and failed, and he now seems extremely confident.

      As I begin to walk away, I find my feet (metaphorically speaking) and turn round to say

      "I'm not the biggest fan of the police, but I'm pretty sure that they're very good at their jobs, and pretty soon they WILL get you. And when they do, rest assured that I'll ask them to give you a right kick in the balls from me!"

      and walk off the bus to the sound of everyone cheering.

      For some reason I soon get back on the bus for the remainder of my journey, and head back upstairs, avoiding the mugger who now sits comfortably at the back. The rest of the passengers sit in fear.

      While looking out the window, I get a tap on the shoulder. The mugger offers me my phone, and I scowl at him, trying to figure out his angle, but he tells me it's ringing.

      I answer it to my mum, but it's just an answerphone message, and I think to myself I'll ring her later. I give the phone back to the mugger, who's now walking about the top floor, talking one-sidedly to the frightened passengers.

      As I go down the stairs I overhear him saying it's only 2 stops until Nottingham Street [not sure if that's a real place, but I was recently in Nottingham for New Years], and I come to the assumption that that's where he's getting off. I now know where to tell the police to find him.

      I wait til the bus reaches its next stop and plan to sprint towards the crowded center of town that we'd just driven through. However, when I end up getting off the bus I instead begin writing down the events, as if in a dream journal so that I won't forget, as well as drawing an amazingly detailed picture of an abstract eye.

      Remembering my initial plan, I get my phone out (which is mysteriously back in my possession) and ring 999. I ask for the police, but can't hear the man on the other end, who asks a series of irrelevant questions. The line eventually breaks up.

      I contemplate ringing back, but I decide it's too late [time starts to merge as I begin to wake up].

      Looks like he got away with it.
      Tags: anger, fear, theft
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Lucidity Class

      by , 01-04-2013 at 02:01 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Lucidity Class (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a classroom in a lucid dreaming class, feeling complacent as I know more than everyone else.

      As the teacher starts to talk about reality checks, I hover out of my chair and fly around the classroom, while everyone moans that I'm showing off.
      Tags: flying
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Killing Foxes, Call of Duty Style

      by , 01-04-2013 at 02:37 AM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Shooting Foxes From The Window (Non-lucid)


      My vividness is already showing signs of improvement from coming back to DV, and this dream was slightly more interesting than the last. As far as I can remember these are two parts of the same dream, though they seem pretty unrelated.

      I'm in the garden of a random uni house with some guys that used to be in the school year above me, though I have no idea why. I immediately remember potentially having uni work to do for the next day, and start to panic.

      I run inside, but head straight for the Xbox, on which I play some kind of RPG, under the impression I need to get a certain amount of story finished before I can do anything else with my day. I let me my dog join me on the sofa, which is normally strictly forbidden at home.

      I unlock a bonus scene in the game, and people come in wanting to watch it. I finally decide I don't have the time, knowing watching it will only lead to more things to captivate me into playing longer.

      Luckily, I realise tomorrow is Sunday and I wake up briefly.

      I'm later defending the house from foxes, in a similar fashion to Call of Duty's zombie mode (which I recently played for the first time with my cousin).

      I pick up a double-barrelled rifle and kill one instantly from a window, at a pretty respectable distance.

      I head to the next window, slightly more complacent now, but miss a fair few times from not aiming properly.

      The third window overlooks a darkened room, and before I have time to aim, the fox inside jumps up at me, forcing me to kill it with my knife.

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      Tags: uni, video game
    7. Mario Karting

      by , 01-02-2013 at 02:19 AM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Mario Kart Around A House (Non-lucid)


      I've not been sticking to my DJ very well, only writing down a few dreams per week - most of which are pretty sparse. For the new year I thought I'd get back into doing it properly, so I'll start from the morning after new year's eve.

      I'm playing Mario Kart around an old house (but obviously in driver's seat, rather than at the control), but I'm quite far behind. An old 'partner', shall we say, leads in first place, but I gradually catch up to her and knock her over.

      We race neck and neck over the last lap, which seems to circulate a few times without actually finishing. My opponent decides to try heading through a different doorway and wins.

      The prize is a strange one - a sign up sheet to a sporting tournament, in which the winner can have first choice of sporting event.
      Tags: mario kart
    8. Stealing Chemicals For Walter White

      by , 09-12-2012 at 02:09 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Stealing Chemicals For Walter White (DILD)


      The first half of this dream is pretty scrambled, and doesn't really make much sense - too much about dreams within dreams and whether or not I was aware that I was dreaming in the first place. I did, however, manage to get semi-lucid towards the end before waking up.

      I'm working with Walter White (from Breaking Bad) to steal some chemicals from a lab, just like in one of the episodes.

      The first scene I can remember is sitting the garden of a local pub, keeping watch while we melt the lock of a safe behind us which contains the chemicals. While we wait, I remember some talk of doing something else in another dream as part of our plan, but it's hazy.

      Once the safe is open, I enter a dream within the current dream alone [suggesting I'm partially aware that I'm dreaming]. I find myself in a large lab room with the safe in front of me. The safe is a fridge for the chemicals and needs to be taken as well, but first I need to empty it of its other contents.

      I begin transferring the contents to a nearby box, constantly wary not to touch anything with my fingertips. This proves rather difficult and I drop a few things, making a bit too much noise.

      I wonder how much time I have and if anyone can hear me making noise. A thought also flashes across my mind that I'm dreaming, but I don't pay much attention to it. I then imagine someone coming in and finding me, and wonder if I've heard a noise in the distance.

      I walk cautiously towards the door with the intent of quickly looking out into the corridor. Before I reach it, however, the door opens and through it comes an African female security guard holding a purple lightsaber.

      This confirms that I'm dreaming [though I don't think I became fully lucid at this point] and I instinctively decide to rush the guard, in an attempt to scare her. I try to shout 'BOO!' but all I can do is dribble a pathetic 'buh'.

      The dream image freezes and I wake up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    9. Stealing Jaffa Cakes

      by , 09-03-2012 at 05:01 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Stealing Jaffa Cakes (DILD)


      My 4th lucid, and my second in the space of a week! That's what I call progress. Still relatively brief, but definitely more vivid.

      I'm either homeless or just poor, and I'm starving. It's early in the morning and I enter a shop in search of some cheap food. It's so early, however, that the shelves are still empty and the owner is nowhere to be seen.

      Sitting in front of me, though, is a plate of chocolate biscuits and jaffa cakes which are free for paying customers. Looking around, I decide to just take them all and walk out the shop.

      As I leave, I just about make out an announcement over the music coming from my headphones. I decide it doesn't concern me, but I take my headphones off just in case another one comes.

      'You're only allowed one! You're only allowed one!' screams a second announcement, and I run, realising they've caught me stealing.

      Looking behind me, I see four attack dogs close on my tail. I jump over various obstacles to try and escape, but the dogs follow in kind. Like many of my dreams, I can't run very fast, despite my efforts [my first hint at this being a dream], but I look back again and notice the dogs are bounding like rabbits rather than running like dogs.

      This is all the proof I need, I'm dreaming. I ascend effortlessly into the air, taking in the imaginary landscape I've subconsciously created.

      I get high enough to see that I'm on an island, and the higher I get, the more the landscape resembles a minimap from video game, with icons appearing over each building indicating their function.

      I'm then reminded of what I'd read on DV earlier that week, about a DV user flying up through space. I give it a go, seeing how high I can reach, but before long I reach the Earth's atmosphere, and I start to get a bit nervous. I decide to save this for another night.
      lucid , memorable
    10. First Stablising Attempt

      by , 08-27-2012 at 02:06 AM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      First Stablising Attempt (DILD)


      My third lucid since using DreamViews! Dream recall has be shit recently, due to getting a maximum of 6 hours of sleep each night from working 12 hour shifts at the Olympics. This dream occurred on one of my days off, however, during a comfortable 12 hours sleep.

      As I'm walking a builder/gardener out of my family's new house, he hands me a massive joint, saying he doesn't want or need it. I gladly take it and walk back into my house. I walk past a room where my mum's sitting and worry that she may have seen it in my hand. Semi-panicking, I dash it under a cupboard in the next room.

      She then calls me back and asks if I have any weed on me. I confidently say no, and challenge her to search me, but she uses an electronic radar device to search the immediate area. Thankfully nothing shows up, even after increasing the radius of the radar.

      Once she moves to the garden, I act on my opportunity to move the weed upstairs to the attic room.

      Here's where it gets interesting.

      When coming back downstairs, I contemplate vaulting over the bannister. Suddenly I remember, vaulting over bannisters and falling the ground floor was a recurring dream during my childhood. Am I dreaming? The fact that I'm even considering falling that far suggests I must be. Only one way to find out.

      I fall almost the whole way, but just before the ground I levitate.

      I'm dreaming, I knew it! Now to have some fun.

      I fly around the house for a bit, before making my way back upstairs to my room. For the first time I remember I have to stablise in order to keep this incredible dream going. I rub my hands together and a wave of euphoria hits me. Who knew stablising could feel this good?

      I then rub my hands on my chest of drawers and I'm amazed at how accurately my mind has recreated its texture! The euphoria intensifies and I just stand there, rubbing my hands on the wooden cupboard.

      I attempt to transport into my computer monitor, but this fails and I decide I'm not experienced enough to pull of such advanced maneuvers and the dream ends.
      Tags: drugs, family, flying
      lucid , memorable
    11. Turning Into Babies & The Witcher Obstacle Course

      by , 08-03-2012 at 11:17 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Turning Into Babies (Non-lucid)


      This has to be one of the most surreal dreams I've ever had. How this didn't spark off a DILD I have no idea.

      I'm on the bus with one of my best friends. We get off the bus and start to walk home together. At one point in our walk, the conversation turns to the thought of having children [bear in mind we're only 19], and my friend talks about how bad it would be if his child didn't like the child of his best friend [me? I don't know].

      Suddenly, we are babies. We're both about 1 year old, or whatever age babies start to stand up, but we're totally cool with it. It doesn't bother us. It's as if we've made this change by choice, and as if this was a normal thing to do. We're simply 19-year old guys in babies' bodies.

      I explain that if I, as a baby, were to go up to him and push him over, which I demonstrate, he'd not remember by the time he'd grown up - in an attempt to explain it doesn't matter if babies don't like each other, as they won't remember anyway.

      I then remark how strange it is that we have adult minds, and that anyone that saw us now would be incredible confused by our 19-year old intellect. I also point out that my voice is unchanged, while his is different - though he tells me this isn't the case from his perspective.

      I get the feeling this element to the dream comes from the video of the two babies pretending to have an adult conversation, despite speaking in only 'daa daa's, found here.

      I'm later in the attic room of my new house with my girlfriend. Again, we're both babies.

      For some reason, we take some greetings cards sent for our parents and drop them in a large pot of liquid, so that the writing disappears.

      After going downstairs briefly and coming back up again, we're back in our normal bodies. I pull her on top of me, and she complains that she's too tired to have sex. However, not because I'm trying it on, but because she's been complaining to me recently about being desperate for some action [we haven't seen each other in a few months], and now that's she's finally come to visit, she doesn't have the energy!

      A flop of a sex dream if I ever did see one

      Witcher Obstacle Course (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a huge cave with countless platforms and bridges over a large body of water, again with one of my best friends. We've just finished a Witcher quest [as in, from the game Witcher II, which I've been playing recently] and we head towards the exit.

      We fight through a few easy monsters, with me using my typical Aard sign tactic. However, the magic comes from a giant toothpaste tube, which I squeeze. I'm carrying my coat over one shoulder, which causes me to miss a few times.

      We cross various obstacles, such as a tiny floating platform which moves across the water, which we almost fall off. We eventually arrive at two rope bridges, now joined by two more of my close friends. Two of them take one each, but almost fall off after not realising how unstable they were.

      The dream ends with a tiny, squared rope ladder, which all my friends help me down on my back, but drop me at the bottom.
    12. Surrounded House & The Car Crash

      by , 08-02-2012 at 05:18 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Surrounded House (Non-lucid)


      I'm in my old house with my family, though it looks very different. Each room is divided into a grid, and I'm in the process of marking the floor under everything we want to keep, each mark applying to everything in the vertical space above it.

      The reason I do this is because a crowd of people have surrounded our house, and don't want us to leave for some reason. In the back of my mind I get the feeling they plan on setting fire to the house. I need to mark our most important possessions in order to save them from being destroyed.

      My dad suggests my sister, mum and I go out first, as we're more likely to get through the crowd, as it's him they want. Again, I have no idea why they want us, but I suspect they aren't afraid to use violence.

      "I'll just fight my way through them" I suggest, but we all know it's not a good idea.

      Unfortunately there was no conclusion to this dream

      Car Crash (Non-lucid)


      I'm travelling in the back of a police car (though not because I'm in trouble) with a woman driving and a bearded man in the passenger seat.

      Just as the man notices something strange, we swerve unexplainably, crash and flip multiple times. None of us are injured.

      I then see a nervous, insecure man who's suing the woman driver for a lot of money. His snobby parents tell him that they're finally proud of him, as if the money he's winning from the case is the same as him earning as respectable wage for once.
    13. Dancing Around On Skype

      by , 07-30-2012 at 05:58 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Dancing Around On Skype (Non-lucid)


      I'm in my room at my old house, on Skype to my girlfriend. I dance around the room with a guitar [which, incidentally, I can't play], singing along to a song in the background, solely for her amusement.

      What's strange about this dream is that she had a dream the same night, in which I'd sent her photos in the post of me at a recording studio, playing Elton John's piano and Eric Clapton's first guitar, along with a note saying 'wish you were here, I'm tanned, on top of the world and game'. Strange.
      Tags: performing
    14. Clara, Cage Club & The Colossus

      by , 07-29-2012 at 05:30 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Clara, Cage Club & The Colossus (Non-lucid)


      I'm at the entrance to a club on my own, as my friends are already inside. I start talking to a girl in a queue and we go in together.

      The club is huge, and 'decorated' with cage fences, chains and other metallic instruments; it's pretty cool and looks like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie.

      I try to keep up with the girl I've just met while making our way through the crowd. She gets to the other side before me, and grabs a drink. She comes back towards me but stops at a pool table, where someone's setting up a game. She disrupts it by hitting a few balls aimlessly, before celebrating by singing Slipknot's Before I Forget into the pool cue. I watch, amused, and decide to approach her again.

      We start talking and I learn her name is Clara, and it's going well until she tells me she feels ill. I ask if she's had too much to drink, but she hasn't, and I decide it must be from there being too many people in the club.

      I escort her to the toilet, but not before she throws up on a few people. Everyone watches, assuming she's wasted and that I'm looking to score a drunk chick, but I find it quite amusing.

      Contrary to the theme of the club, the toilets resemble large converted barns, and we explore various doors like excited children. We decide to leave, making our way through the now-empty club, my arm around her. We bump into her mum and baby brother, and walk home together.

      While walking down hill along a road, I notice a colossus at the far end walking in our direction [I've been playing a bit of Age of Mythology recently] and the mum jokes that we won't have an easy time walking past it. I explain it's probably a bit more serious than that, and with that, the colossus begins to create a ball of energy in its hands.

      I leap over a low wall to our left, urging the others to the same, and we sprint as fast as we can across a park. The colossus releases the ball of energy as a beam into some cars, obliterating them.

      Running for our life, the other 3 overtake me, and all I can do is watch as the colossus gets them with a second beam of energy. I run to the mum first, who only has an injured foot.

      Unfortunately, Clara isn't so lucky, and as I approach her, she turns over, revealing melted skin, deformed limbs and a lot of blood. [Such a nice dream took such a grim turn]

      I run to a nearby public toilet for protection and to collect my thoughts. Once I've caught my breath, I venture out, sprinting to cover behind a low wall. The colossus is now a bus, operated by evil men who I overhear talking about destroying the whole area.

      I make my final dash to an old mansion in the middle of the park, just as the doors are closing. I urgently bang on them, pleading for them to let me in, which they do. Just for the end of the dream I notice the skin of the men that let me in, peeling after a short exposure to the colossus' energy.
    15. Reggie & The Dangerous Road

      by , 07-28-2012 at 05:26 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Reggie And The Dangerous Road (Non-lucid)


      I'm at my new house, and my sister opens the front gate to test it. As soon as I realise the danger, I see my dog, Reggie, run out across the busy road.

      He stands excited on the other side of the road amongst some bushes, looking like he's about to cross again.

      I run towards him, shouting at him to stay, and pick him up just in time.
      Tags: family, reggie
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