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    Death in the House of Cards

    by , 07-01-2016 at 11:53 PM (290 Views)
    Death in the House of Cards (Non-lucid)


    First one back. Pretty basic, but it's a start.

    I'm in the world of House Of Cards, in some sort of lab. There's some weird green insect, about the size of a small dog, being extracted from Frank--I don't know what for.

    A woman doctor is trying to not let me die, while undertaking some kind of operation, I suspect to make me stronger or something. The whole lab ignites from her intensely passionate concentration.

    As I leave, I see a guy flicking through politicians' profiles on his computer--including Donald Trump--trying to decide who next to target for whatever reason. He says to me, 'watch the exit'. Walking through the lobby of the building I see someone I recognise say 'I want to shoot someone today'. An innocent passerby overhears but it's too late, and one of the politicians I've just seen on the computer is killed in the crowd.

    I walk out the unguarded exit, as part of this was clearly meant to be a distraction. I look to the left to see Trump walking out of the building in a different direction, and I suspect he has been turned into a sleeper agent.

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