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    That's How Much I Want This Job

    by , 07-12-2016 at 08:25 PM (328 Views)
    That's How Much I Want This Job (Non-lucid)


    So I'm currently job-hunting, and there's a particular job that should've gotten back to me this week--one that I want massively.

    The first part I remember is having to crawl across a large pipe above a huge pool of sewage. It stinks even worse than normal sewage I'm sure, and has a distinct vomit smell to it. I'm with three other people at least, split into two groups, though I don't think we're competing at this point.

    Me and a girl are taking it in turns to try and cross, but we fall off and into the sewage often. This then makes the pipe more slippery, and makes it harder and harder for us to not throw up ourselves. The girl is using a plate to throw up on so that it doesn't go directly onto the pipe. I don't throw up but I've never been able to taste such a horrific smell in my life. It even follows me into waking life when my alarm goes.

    I'm then in a skate park kind of setting, but instead of ramps there is a large multicoloured canvas stretching over about 200 square metres, and raised unevenly at various points, as if a sort of tent roof.

    I repeatedly (at least five times) climb up on one side and walk tentatively over what I deem to be the strongest parts to the other side, before jumping down and starting again. I do this in the hopes that it will help me get the job. There are two other people doing the same, far away from me, and one guy in particular I can see; he often picks up a skateboard and attempts to skate on it slowly. I worry that this will get him more points.

    Shortly after, in the same area, I'm on an astroturf pitch with various others a competing for the job. There is a coach-type figure, who will decide who gets it. Among the other applicants are some people I knew from school, but never really liked very much.

    I can't remember if there's anything he gets us to do, but I go off to the toilet, before worrying that I could be missing valuable time to impress the coach. I realise I've been complacent about my chances, and notice that there are still a lot of people in line to get the job.

    I dread to think of the people from my school getting it, as I feel they don't deserve it (they're not even in the same line of work as I am).

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