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    by , 07-04-2014 at 03:01 PM (246 Views)
    Part of the dream I had this morning:

    I am at the barn with my dad and my friend D. I walk outside with my dad, as if to leave. We get in his truck, and he starts to back out of the parking spot. He backs the truck up so that it's facing the opposite direction we need to go. I don't pay any attention to him, assuming he's just going to circle around the end of the parking lot. We drive past another car, and we see the driver fall out of the car onto the pavement.

    The man is thrashing strangely, his face blank. I get a bad feeling about it, and look around at my dad, expectant. He says something about getting out of there fast, and then he swings the truck around to face the curb of the parking lot. Before us is the steep hill that leads down and away from the barn, to a two-lane road at the bottom, and a forest beyond the road.

    "Don't tell anyone," my dad says, and then he drives over the curb and down the steep hill. We reach the road, and the truck is bouncing and jerking around.

    "I've had enough roller coaster dreams!" I say, but I am grinning, and my dad laughs. (I evidently realized I was dreaming, but it lasted for about 5 seconds, and I was maybe a 2 on the lucidity scale.)

    We continue driving along the road, but it's no longer the road I thought it was. It takes on a very roller coaster-esque look; there is nothing but blackness surrounding the road, and the road itself looks worn and broken in places. I watch it flash by under us, fascinated. (I must've retained at least some lucidity, because I was under the vague impression that nothing could go wrong.)

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