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    ready for a fight

    by , 03-13-2018 at 11:39 PM (112 Views)
    walking away and leaving school alone and i walked into the school
    office and then some guy almost bumbed into me and i was ready
    to fight with him, and then they guys back off saying it was my foult
    even tho i know they were the ones who wanted to start things
    i ignored them at first , then i was mosta and we walked home
    or the our area i asked him if hes going home he said ;yes
    im going home; i said ; nice thats my way too; cos im i was liveing next to him
    and then the guys came to us and said that i wanted to fight them
    i explained it to him and he got it, then we sow our group of friends
    sitting and playing , we walked to them and sat too ,
    mosta sow some weed there and he wanted to smoke it

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