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    1. One of my weirdest dreams

      by , 01-03-2015 at 07:49 PM
      Two weeks ago, I saw one anime called Death note. I had one of those notebooks in my dream, and I was using it to kill bad people...
      I was kind of a super hero, because I was able to run really fast. I was running, trying to get to my home, and my sister was in a motorcycle doing the same... In the road, there was an army, and when we get closer I saw Hitler was there, and then he and all his army start fire, trying to kill us...

      My sister went off the road, and she scape, but I continued the principal road, and I was hitted in the right leg, I really felt some pain in my leg, not compared to a gun shot, but it felt real...

      There is a big part of the dream I don't remember...

      Then, the other half of the dream felt really real...

      I remember all the people saying I was the bad guy, and they want to kill me, then in some place in my house my father was grabing my neck, and he had a nail in his hand. He put the nail near my eye, and nose, and suddenly he start nailing it!! In that moment I was watching all in first view. When he finished nailing I felt again the same pain that I felt in my leg before, when I get shot...

      I was dead, I could hear my family talking about that, but then I was watching all in third person, so I was able to see me, and I was crucified...

      After that, and a few seconds in darkness, I was alive again, but I dont understand nothing since that part because, all the people, including me, where talking japanese...

      I knew it was japanese, because I've heard some words in japanese, but I can't explain what was I saying or what was my dream about since that part...

      After a while, I woke up...
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. My First Lucid Dream!

      by , 12-14-2014 at 04:06 PM
      I read about DEILD technique here in DreamViews about four days ago, but I wasn't really able to try it in the past days...

      I was having a normal dream, were I was in my house talking with some guy that was trying to sell me a house. I was not paying too much attention to the guy, but I saw a spider web, but just a little string, so I start pulling it down. When I look up to the place where the spider web comes, there was like 30 spiders in there, and they start coming down, so I was trying to move out, and then I felt in to the ground. So i wake up.

      In the instant I woke up, I remember all what I'd read about DEILD, so I dind't move or open my eyes. Then I was remembering and trying to continue my last dream story, and I start feeling really weird sensations...

      I was seeing the image of my dream, but the other thing that I saw was an image, more like a yellow siluete of some eyes, and I also heard a buzz, and I felt my heartwas beatting pretty fast.

      Then I just turn in my bed, and I thought that I had lost the dream. (I was thinking that I should make a reallity check to verify if I was dreaming) I plug my nose to see if I can breathe, and I was able to do it, so I do it one or two more time, because I didn't believe it...
      I realized that I was in a dream, so I stand up, and I felt a lot of cold, and it was to dark, so I remember reading that you can make the sun appear, just with trying to feel warm, so I was thinking in warm stuff, and in the feeling you get with the sun...
      And the night became day, but not a sunny day, but at least I was able to see clarity in my house. I was walking in my house doing the same reallity check, because I really couldn't beleive it, so the I went to my parents bedroom, where (in real life) my sister stay yesterday. I saw my mom and my sister, but I couldnt see their hole face, I just was able to saw the chin, then I get close to my sister, and she grab my arm, I was sacared, but then I was able to see her hole face, she was with a sleepy face, so I just said to her to go back to sleep, then I get out of that room, and I wake up.

      In clonclusion, it was a really weird feeling, because I entered the dream in a different way, because I was expecting to enter in my last dream, and realize I was dreaming, in that dream, but instead my lucid dream start in my bed, like if I wasnt dreaming... So I was thinking I haven't made it, but in fact I was already in my dream.
    3. Star Wars, Mall

      by , 12-13-2014 at 02:05 AM
      I was with my sister in a mall, we went to a place that seems to be a bank, but when we enter the bank, the technology was better, that the one we know, and it was from star wars, because what yo have to do in that place, was to choose being with the empire or join in with the rebels.
      I told my sister that we were going to the empire, so we do the asignation process and when we got out of there, I asked my sis what does she choose, and she tell me she chose the rebels... I was freaked out because I didn't want to be in a side against my sister, so we went inside that place again, and mi sister change her aplication, and finally join the empire.

      When we get out of that place, we were very hungry, so we decide to go to a restaurant,when we were there all the people knew me, but I really couldn't recognized anybody.
      Then I woke up.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Scarlett Johansson, Trippy Baby

      by , 12-12-2014 at 02:48 AM
      I was really lazy today, because when I woke up around 3:00A.M.. I didn't wanted to remember my dream, I was feeling to tired, but I regret it now...

      The only that I was able to remember later was:
      I was in my parents bedroom watching tv, then I just look at my side, and there was Scarlett Johansson... She was just there watching tv with me, so the firt thing I do was taking out my phone and taking a picture of her, but I was trying to make it without her to see me. She realized that I was going to take a picture, and she just smile, but I was trying to disimulate the fact that I was taking the picture...

      Then I just remember that we went out of the house, where my yard is, but walking through the yard, it transforms into a really big field.
      Walking in there, I realized there was a baby, and there was some candy near the baby... I came closer to the baby and open up some candies, when I did that, the baby started to cry. Then I put a candy in the baby's mouth, so he standed up and he star moving, doing some weird dance, and his eyes were pretty trippy, and when I look into his eyes, I remember a lot of weird and funny images, and a voice describing all the images, it was like a video, and I was laughing a lot.
      When I woke up, I was smilling... I think because what i heard in the dream.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. My Kind of Nightmare

      by , 12-10-2014 at 04:00 AM
      Since I start my university life, most of my nightmares are related with my grades, and it's because I always feel fear of doing bad in my grades.

      I was at the university with some of my friends, we were there because we have to choose the teacher that was going to give us calculus class, but it was different this time, because we were choosing the teacher who was going to give us only our final exam of calculus, we were very scared because we have to do a grate exam to pass the class.
      It was my university, but like in almost every dream it has some changes, because we have to climb some walls to go to other building.

      After I was done with choosing, I enter a bathroom, becasue I was feeling a lot the taste of blood. When I take a look in the mirror, my mouth was bleedind, so then I washed my mouth, and get out of the bathroom.

      I was running and climbing in all the university, doing what I wanted, but when the asignation time arrived, I went fast to a very high spot in the university, because in that place the internet connection was very fast, so when I finally arrived to that place, I take out my laptop to enter the university page and then choose my ptofessor.
      The asignation part was pretty easy, so when I was done with that I started running againg, just wasting some time.

      I was with my best friend, talking about the exam, when another friend arrived, and she tell us that her aunt was going to give the exam too, so we should choose her, because she can make us win, and she tell us that the teacher that we asigned with was the worst, and that he was going to do the most difficult exam we could imagine.
      So... My serenity start becoming a really deep fear.

      The day become night, and my time was getting over.
      I start running again to the same point I do my choosing before, when I arrived I take aou my laptop again, but the university page was not loading at all, and every time I look in front of me, there was another, and another person, and they all were using the internet connection, so it was never going to load for me.
      I look at my clock (I didn't do a reality check ), and I noticed that I was 20 minutes late for my exam. Because it was already late, I was not longer thinking in changing my teacher, but in having time to do and finish my exam.

      I was going high speed, when I saw two guys that were planning to enter in the same class I was, by that time, 30 minutes had passed from the exam, so I ask them if they were not going to class, and the told me that they had already done the exam, but they get out too fast, because there was only two problems, and there were too difficult for them, so again, my fear was getting bigger.

      I was getting closer to the engineering building, I was not longer with my friend, but insted of going to the stairs or the elevator, I just make a REALLY big jump, with the jump I get to the fourth floor (my exam was in the second floor), I enter that class going through the window, and I remember the teacher of that class following me to report me or something like that, I managed to scape from him, and I went to the stairs, when i arrived the second floor, I was running, trying not to hit the people in there, and then the time stoped, even with me, I was not running anymore, I was just looking at the other people expressions, with my same running position, and then I wake up.

      When I wake up I was really happy, because I already won that class.
      nightmare , non-lucid
    6. Practicing again

      by , 12-09-2014 at 02:35 AM
      I use an app called Awoken to collect all my dreams.
      I write my first dream in my dream journal on 22 of july of the present year. I keep practicing MILD technique for two weeks since that day, but I have to stop practicing it because I was not feeling too good in university.

      Two days ago I decide that I have to continue trying to gain my lucidity, so now im practicing DILD, that is pretty much the same as MILD.
      This is what i dream two nights ago:

      I remember two dreams in that night, but I dont really rember the second one.
      First one
      I was in my house, then I went outside my house and I saw a really weird looking guy, I didn't know him, but I was able to feel that his intentions were not good. He was just there, in front of the principal door of the house with a creepy smile, I ask him to leave, so he just go a few steps away, but that was ok with me so I close the door, then I proced to check in a tiny hole if he was still there, and he was, but he was getting closer to my house door again.

      Then someone was knocking the door, and I knew it was the creepy guy, but I have to answer to the call (I dont know why), so I open the door and there was no one in the street... I was really surprised because I think the guy I saw before was going to appear, but the when I step out of the house to look if someone was outside, the creepy guy came out of no were so my only reaction was to punch him in the face 3 times.

      I'd punch many people in my dreams, but this was the first time in a dream I feel strength in the hits I gave, because whenever I punch someone in a dream, I feel powerless, like my arm and fist has no power.