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    My First Lucid Dream!

    by , 12-14-2014 at 04:06 PM (515 Views)
    I read about DEILD technique here in DreamViews about four days ago, but I wasn't really able to try it in the past days...

    I was having a normal dream, were I was in my house talking with some guy that was trying to sell me a house. I was not paying too much attention to the guy, but I saw a spider web, but just a little string, so I start pulling it down. When I look up to the place where the spider web comes, there was like 30 spiders in there, and they start coming down, so I was trying to move out, and then I felt in to the ground. So i wake up.

    In the instant I woke up, I remember all what I'd read about DEILD, so I dind't move or open my eyes. Then I was remembering and trying to continue my last dream story, and I start feeling really weird sensations...

    I was seeing the image of my dream, but the other thing that I saw was an image, more like a yellow siluete of some eyes, and I also heard a buzz, and I felt my heartwas beatting pretty fast.

    Then I just turn in my bed, and I thought that I had lost the dream. (I was thinking that I should make a reallity check to verify if I was dreaming) I plug my nose to see if I can breathe, and I was able to do it, so I do it one or two more time, because I didn't believe it...
    I realized that I was in a dream, so I stand up, and I felt a lot of cold, and it was to dark, so I remember reading that you can make the sun appear, just with trying to feel warm, so I was thinking in warm stuff, and in the feeling you get with the sun...
    And the night became day, but not a sunny day, but at least I was able to see clarity in my house. I was walking in my house doing the same reallity check, because I really couldn't beleive it, so the I went to my parents bedroom, where (in real life) my sister stay yesterday. I saw my mom and my sister, but I couldnt see their hole face, I just was able to saw the chin, then I get close to my sister, and she grab my arm, I was sacared, but then I was able to see her hole face, she was with a sleepy face, so I just said to her to go back to sleep, then I get out of that room, and I wake up.

    In clonclusion, it was a really weird feeling, because I entered the dream in a different way, because I was expecting to enter in my last dream, and realize I was dreaming, in that dream, but instead my lucid dream start in my bed, like if I wasnt dreaming... So I was thinking I haven't made it, but in fact I was already in my dream.
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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Very nice!

      Awesome job and congrats on the lucid

      Keep up the good work!
    2. Movie12's Avatar
      Thank you!
    3. Tihiti's Avatar
      That was very cool! I learnt a couple of things by reading this! Thanks!
    4. Movie12's Avatar
      Cool! I'm glad you've learned something from my experience!
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