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    My Kind of Nightmare

    by , 12-10-2014 at 04:00 AM (357 Views)
    Since I start my university life, most of my nightmares are related with my grades, and it's because I always feel fear of doing bad in my grades.

    I was at the university with some of my friends, we were there because we have to choose the teacher that was going to give us calculus class, but it was different this time, because we were choosing the teacher who was going to give us only our final exam of calculus, we were very scared because we have to do a grate exam to pass the class.
    It was my university, but like in almost every dream it has some changes, because we have to climb some walls to go to other building.

    After I was done with choosing, I enter a bathroom, becasue I was feeling a lot the taste of blood. When I take a look in the mirror, my mouth was bleedind, so then I washed my mouth, and get out of the bathroom.

    I was running and climbing in all the university, doing what I wanted, but when the asignation time arrived, I went fast to a very high spot in the university, because in that place the internet connection was very fast, so when I finally arrived to that place, I take out my laptop to enter the university page and then choose my ptofessor.
    The asignation part was pretty easy, so when I was done with that I started running againg, just wasting some time.

    I was with my best friend, talking about the exam, when another friend arrived, and she tell us that her aunt was going to give the exam too, so we should choose her, because she can make us win, and she tell us that the teacher that we asigned with was the worst, and that he was going to do the most difficult exam we could imagine.
    So... My serenity start becoming a really deep fear.

    The day become night, and my time was getting over.
    I start running again to the same point I do my choosing before, when I arrived I take aou my laptop again, but the university page was not loading at all, and every time I look in front of me, there was another, and another person, and they all were using the internet connection, so it was never going to load for me.
    I look at my clock (I didn't do a reality check ), and I noticed that I was 20 minutes late for my exam. Because it was already late, I was not longer thinking in changing my teacher, but in having time to do and finish my exam.

    I was going high speed, when I saw two guys that were planning to enter in the same class I was, by that time, 30 minutes had passed from the exam, so I ask them if they were not going to class, and the told me that they had already done the exam, but they get out too fast, because there was only two problems, and there were too difficult for them, so again, my fear was getting bigger.

    I was getting closer to the engineering building, I was not longer with my friend, but insted of going to the stairs or the elevator, I just make a REALLY big jump, with the jump I get to the fourth floor (my exam was in the second floor), I enter that class going through the window, and I remember the teacher of that class following me to report me or something like that, I managed to scape from him, and I went to the stairs, when i arrived the second floor, I was running, trying not to hit the people in there, and then the time stoped, even with me, I was not running anymore, I was just looking at the other people expressions, with my same running position, and then I wake up.

    When I wake up I was really happy, because I already won that class.

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