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    Strange stuff

    by , 03-08-2011 at 01:47 PM (849 Views)
    I was on a bus with my brother , right beside the driver there was a DDR arcade
    brother: Go play ; Me: You sure? won't the noise bother him? ; brother: ofcourse it won't, go play.
    I got on it and pressed the start button and I hear music; driver: It's a bit loud!; I noticed it was true but I didn't care, I had to choose a character... wtf I see an ugly guy, I thought whatever I choose him, then I see 5 more ulgy guys to choose and I think okay I'll just choose them and play.

    Then I'm playing a RPG shooter game with my brother I take out some guys coming from diferent directions.

    I'm in my mothers car and she's driving us three to a supermarket.

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