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    Confusing/weird Dream

    by , 08-30-2010 at 05:51 AM (451 Views)
    I finally recalled a dream. It was about me and how I was helping the Jonas brothers find L.A, which in the dream was a big success. The were singing all throughout the dream the song "L.A L.A baby". I now know why they were singing that it was because prior to going to bed my brothers and sisters were watching the disney channel in which this song was playing and it sorta got stuck in my head before I went to bed. Well I don't remember the dream all that well just that when we made it to L.A we met Kobe Bryant and he showed us all these basketball moves. He said something about making a shot while jumping. I don't know why that was amazing at the time but it was. The I had finally woken up. Really weird dream in all though.

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