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    1. New Dream Recall

      by , 02-21-2013 at 07:53 PM
      I'll write this like I have it in my binder. I will however highlight which dream segments come first.

      "Cops" like atmosphere arresting a large man from his moms house. He told cops he can't walk(but he could) also possible he hit/hurt kids because they took(bought) stuff from his moms shop.{At this point, I'm not sure if I'm a cop or just spectating the whole event}. I just remembered something now as well, as that event was ending I was randomly outside and a cop car pulled over and it was a lady cop and she said "they need to put more stops around here". I saw a couple of cops behind her as if they were blocking the area.{This segment dream was the last I had before waking up}

      I was running away the entire dream(not entirely true, but I was running from something). The rest of this doesn't make sense but I'll write it as it is in my binder. "I was running away the entire dream. Found by my parents, could hear their voices( also my brothers "I") while I ran down a alley. Alley looked dark and weird lookin. I'm looking at the reaction faces of alot of people{I'm not in some sort of dimly lit room with a small T.V in middle of it.} Apparently something really bad or outrageous has occurred on the t.v all the people are watching. The man then stands over the t.v, and shouts expliclits, I hear "so and so is the devil"{I know I heard a name their but it's all a blur right now} I look at the T.V, I see a group of women(not sure if any men are in it) The are holding signs that read "first time" and the location they are at is the front entrance of my work. One of the girls is shown to be the neighboorhood girl I saw earlier.

      I remember being in a neighbborhood similar to my own. It either was sunsetting or rising. I'm with a neighborhood girl. She looks to be around my age, maybe a year or two younger. I'm not sure what we're ding but I head home but she follows me.
    2. Starting again.

      by , 03-27-2012 at 06:57 PM
      Well I've decided to give this LD trip another try.

      Tuesday, March, 27, 2012 1:15 am
      - Tuesday, March , 27, 2012 10:40 am

      I know I had a number of dreams. But I can vaguely recall one.

      I am member of the Ed, Edd N Eddy crew and I am shaking Ed into oblivion. I stop. Eddy leaves. I'm climbing a gate into a apartment complex. I have to jump two gates between each other. I see a window on the right hand side of me. I open it and try to sneak in. I toss myself in and awaken my brother. He tells me something about he's friends and basket ball. I move and I'm in the kitchen. Apparently there is some burgers from Jack in the Box left. I eat some....I awake.

      Weird dream makes no sense.
    3. Mild 30 day test. Night 6 (I think?)

      by , 09-09-2010 at 06:12 PM
      Well I had normal dream today and instead of wasting your time I'll go right ahead and tell you. I remember the dream being all football oriented. I was watching my favorite team when our QB ran a long TD (this should have made me lucid considering our QB is slow and will never run that far). After scoring the TD he came running back to his teammates and he starting to kiss his helmet which wasn't on his head. It was on his "crotch" and attached to the helmet was another player from the team. I remember asking myself and saying that was "queerish" (which is weird because I almost never use that word) but it didn't matter because so as long as he kept scoring TD's I would care less about that. The next thing I remember happening was our team was facing one of the few teams that always beats us. I remember the other team had the ball they were near there own end zone. The QB hiked the ball he then got pummeled by a LB and fumbled the ball it was picked up by our LB's and was ran in for a touchdown. The scene changes again now am on the middle of the field watching this huge t.v screen and I see a bunch of other fans looking at us. I look around and I see that were sitting in bleachers while watching this t.v. The two fans watching the game are neither by two favorite teams. I notice was is happening it is a "yell-off" to see which opposing team fans are louder and there is a big blue arrow in between the big t.v and the bleachers as is like wise for the other team inside the t.v. The arrow is getting higher and higher indicating that we're winning and finally the bell rings and we are announced winners. This is when I woke up.
    4. First Night

      by , 08-27-2010 at 02:31 AM
      First night didn't go so well couldn't recall a thing. Funny thing is I remember the dream from a night before but not last nights. My reality checks of been horrible. Advice anyone. Thanks