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    Dreamland: Crawlspace at Grandmas

    by , 12-18-2012 at 08:26 AM (686 Views)
    A small but important dream I had within the last week. It was vivid enough to remember with certainty, but I only recall a tiny fragment:

    I'm standing in my Grandmothers hallway with my first cousin Matthew (a cousin from the other side of the family). He is a full grown adult and looks matured. He also looks like he survived a war. His childhood friend is with us, he is also a full grown adult, and I mention this because I never saw them as adults.

    Matthew shows me the hallway has a trapdoor in the side, leading to a part of the house that does not exist in waking life. It looks scary, and we are forced to crawl through a corridor fit for an animal.

    There is a green light, and a red light in the hall. It widens into a traditional sized hallway blocked by a door. I notice the paint is badly chipped and looks hyper realistic. Chained up in front of a wooden door is a zombie Doberman-pincher straight out of Resident Evil. Matt's friend reacts with serious intensity, raises a 12-gauge shotgun and points it at the undead dog. I remember thinking I should have a shotgun too...

    --I woke up.

    After this dream, I suddenly remembered how many dreams I've had in this hallway. Scores that I didn't recall at any point in the past two years. This could be the first hallway I had nightmares about. It was always poorly light.. The attic from this house appear in two other dreams posted at Dreamviews.

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    1. MrDreamsX's Avatar
      It's worth noting that the "score of dreams" I remembered are fragments and visual/emotional impressions. I'm certain most are dreams I did recall at the time. I didn't spend a huge amount of time in that house until I was about 8-years old. Many of the fragments are apparently from that period.