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    Horror: Cthulhu Bugs

    by , 11-14-2013 at 04:30 AM (611 Views)
    I almost forgot this dream. I had the impression I had dreamed about grotesque insects. I was tempted to not remember it. Somehow, something I saw while driving refreshed the memory.

    I was in my spare room. It is mostly empty and looked like it does in real life. -Expect for two piles of dirty laundry in front of the closet door. They looked like piles of dirty oily rags. Something you would use on a car. Sitting plain as could be between the piles are two plastic cylinders filled with clear water. One was almost empty, the other was mostly full.

    Escaping the mostly empty 'tank' was something like a giant albino pill bug mixed with a silverfish. Except slimey and fleshy. They scattered when I spotted them.

    For some reason, I felt more worried about the inhabitant of the second cylinder tank...

    I picked it up using both hands and held it up to get a close look. Floating up the surface was something very difficult to describe. It was elongated, lopsided snail-like thing fused with a clam. It had a tiny human-like face with dull black eyes. It was mostly snail brown with darker blurry stripes, and a slightly translucent shell. I had the impression two lived the tank. But only saw the one.

    I recently started looking through HP Lovecraft writings. The monsters described in the lore are notoriously difficult to depict or comprehend.

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