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    (Hyper Real) Lucid: Lava, Tsunami, Smoke

    by , 04-09-2011 at 09:54 PM (1052 Views)
    The only other dream I've had in the past year with visuals this realistic and intense was Nightmare: Alternative Life. I can't stress this point enough, the visual quality of this dream was so acute and vibrant it makes my regular dreams seem low resolution. It was extremely stable and consistent, and I'm at a loss to understand why these dreams are so much superior to ordinary dreaming.

    I was driving down a main road in the California Bay area called El Camino. It was late afternoon and there was traffic. The flow was moving slowly. The location I was in looked like mesh of two cities I regularly drive through. I looked over one of the rolling hills there which is covered with houses. Suddenly the ground started to violently shake and I heard a huge ripping rumbling noise that muted out all other sounds.

    A volcanic stream of gas and lava shot out from behind the hill far into the air like an oil well or water fountain. It was glowing red and orange and raining lava all over the area. I could hear screams and utter panic. Car began to drive off the road and out of lanes. I made a U-turn onto the sidewalk and my tire hit the curb hard and instantly I got a flat. I noticed a Police SUV was also attempting to use the side walk to get closer to the blast...

    Just then, another volcanic steam erupted further to the south behind the hill in the direction I was now facing. It became obvious the roads were too chaotic to to drive away on. I jumped out of my car and looked at my tire. It was destroyed. I looked around at the panic and chaos for a moment. I thought "There is no way I can rescue my GF or Mother." I heard a man screaming. I looked up at the hill and there in the distance a person was getting doused with lava.

    While he was burning to cinders a Tsunami wave rose up above the height of the hill (which was at least 100ft) I could see through the aqua-green water against the bright sky. It came crashing down through the lava streams and put out the crisping man while still in the process of turning to cinders. I turned and started running full speed in the opposite direction of lave fissures and Tsunami. I started desperately looking for something nearby to climb on top of.

    I saw a cement 2-story building just off of El Camino with a large climbable tree next to it. My plan was to use the tree to get on top of the building as quickly as possible. The tree and building were in a depression in the ground. I jumped from the sidewalk area directly into the tree. I turned back and the water was about 20-ft away and quickly came crashing into the building and tree. Instantly the corner of the building exploded into rumble. The roof started to collapse and the tree I was on lost several branches when the water struck.

    I jumped out of the tree still heading further east, out of the ditch like area and onto another segment of sidewalk, part of another street running east. Water and junk was pushing me forward. I fell on my face, got up, and started running across the street to another large mostly dirt hill. The shape of the terrain was causing the Tsunami to fan outward before completely flooding the street I was on, but there was still a shallow sheet of water and debris ramming against my back.

    I made it to the hill when I started to notice the intense heat coming from behind. The lava gas stream was now emitting hot black smoke and the earth was shaking. I was running up the dirt hill, and falling on my face every few feet. When I was nearly at the top, there was huge clouds of pitch black smoke drifting eastward and engulfing me and other people. My body felt exhausted. I fell again and could feel wind buffeting me from random directions.

    I had the clear thought: "Maybe God expects me to die this way."

    With my last once of energy I dragged myself to the top of the dirt hill. There were other terrified people staggering to the top of the hill. I looked out to the East towards the bay. The ocean was drawn back and there were rivers of lava merging with ocean water creating columns of steam.

    There were no other places to run.

    I thought, "I need to call my friends and family but I knew my phone had been soaked." I pulled it out of my pocket and sure enough it was completely dead. I looked at the front of it, and then the back of it, then the front of it again. My phone didn't look right. It was smaller and fatter than real life. On the front of the phone in big white letters was written: "3-Mega Pixels."

    I thought: "This is a dream! Because my phone doesn't look like this!" I was relieved, but I really wanted to see what this dream was leading up to so I put my phone back away and "pretended" I wasn't lucid. The lava, flood, and darkness subsided. Not everything was destroyed. There was an apartment building near the hill that's upper floors had survived almost unscathed. A group of people made there way over there as there was no real way to reach any other place. (Things get hazy at this point.)

    The survivors began to live in this apartment. Time elapsed in the dream. Days at least. I remember us living like rats. We were cut off, and no one came to help us giving us the impression that this disaster was on a global scale. People were so morbidly depressed I remember one bulky man ripping his shirt of and crying like a baby. I felt so awful for him that I assured him this was nothing more than a dream...

    After that, I walked out onto the balcony (a common dream location from my past) and looked out over the bay. Which had swelled larger from the Tsunami. I looked up at the stars and they were crystal clear. I could see the little dipper in the sky. I said out loud "Since I'm only dreaming, how about some meteor strikes now too?" --Nothing happened at first.

    But as I starred at the little dipper, a superimposed image appeared over it. A slow fade in of a traditional Santa Clause with a bag of presents and sleigh appeared. I was surprised and disappointed.

    Clearly this dream was influenced by the recent tragedy in Japan which I watched live as I was awake late that night.

    Supplement: Liquid Gel Multi-vitamin and 500mg B5 directly before bed.

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    1. The Sandman's Avatar
      Horribly awesome dream.

      On the front of the phone in big white letters was written: "3-Mega Pixels."
      Perhaps not what you would think I would comment on, but I love the stuff you read in a dream.

      I was relieved, but I really wanted to see what this dream was leading up to so I put my phone back away and "pretended" I wasn't lucid.
      Very interesting! They say truth is stranger than fiction. In this case, the dream is fiction, but it is a form of truth. Within this truth, you become lucid which creates a new truth, but the fiction was more interesting than the new truth, so you decide to re-enter dream reality. Awesome!

      I looked up at the stars and they were crystal clear.
      I have looked at the stars in my 2 most recent lucids. They are always crystal clear, but it takes a lot of energy for me to focus on them. My eyes don't want to stay on them.
    2. MrDreamsX's Avatar
      I have looked at the stars in my 2 most recent lucids. They are always crystal clear, but it takes a lot of energy for me to focus on them. My eyes don't want to stay on them.
      I had a feeling this element was borrowed from your descriptions. There was one last dream this night that borrowed from another persons dreams too.
    3. The Sandman's Avatar
      It is no surprise either. When you spend time on a forum like this, it gets inside of you. I have had a few dreams inspired by this forum. If only it could help us become lucid.
    4. MrDreamsX's Avatar
      UPDATE: I now work at a location less than 500-ft away from the dirt hill I climbed to escape the smoke and water. Today at work... I saw an older cell phone that had a big 3.2 megapixels on it. I froze in my tracks.. I felt nervousness in a flashback like way. Very, eerie.
      The Sandman likes this.
      Updated 03-13-2013 at 01:07 AM by MrDreamsX
    5. The Sandman's Avatar
      Very cool MrDreamsX. I love making a real-world connection with my dreams like this. This was a cool dream to re-read as well. It must have been freaking intense to dream in first person.

      I may try to forget I'm lucid and let the dream take over a little some time, but I hate to let a good lucid go.
      Updated 03-07-2013 at 05:54 PM by The Sandman
    6. MrDreamsX's Avatar
      I could post a few pictures of the area that match up with this dream. Most of the structures, including the dirt hill where I became lucid, were dreamed up. The street layout, view, the "safe apartment" in the distance all match up fairly well.

      Of course, I've driven through this area for lunch many times over the years. Until seeing the old phone with the fat megapixel writing on it, I hadn't made a real world connection to this dream. I'm very unlikely to dwell in this area, let alone find a job there.

      I suddenly remembered a similar "near hit" future job location: A Day at my Old Job
      Updated 03-13-2013 at 01:06 AM by MrDreamsX