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    Lucid: Flying + Throwing Cars

    by , 03-25-2011 at 06:16 PM (645 Views)
    I've had a number of fragments and brief vivid dreams in the past week I've not recorded. If I don't have a fully recalled dream in the next few nights, I will go ahead and post the fragments in one entry. Because this fragment was lucid and connected to a discussion about flying here on Dream Views I wanted to log it right away.

    I was in a large bus parking lot. All the buses were light gray or white. Situated on the lot was some sort of military base. There was a militia on the lot, in gray and white camo. I became lucid while trying to evade them by weaving between buses. I took off flying but stayed at bus height so they couldn't see me flying around.

    I wanted to try something new so I flew over a car and picked it up by the top. My hands cut through the metal so my fingers could curl into a grip like a bowling ball. I hovered with the car in hands behind a group of soldiers in a jeep looking for me. They hadn't noticed me. I shouted "Hey guys!" They all turned around and I tossed the car at them which flew about 20-ft, flipped once in the air, crunched the jeep down about 40% as all the men leaped out of the way.

    I was thrilled. I flew away to go looking for another car. (For some reason I didn't try to lift a bus.) I left the lot area and was flying low over random suburbs. I spotted yet another white car. This time I tried to levitate the car into my hands so I didn't have to swoop all the way down to grab it...

    --Nothing happened.

    (I recall at this point thinking: I can't forget this dream now, it's much too vivid.) So I swooped down to the top and once again sunk my hands through the metal as if it were butter. Picked up the car, which was weightless, and flew around to decide where to throw this one next...

    I've been sleeping straight through the night without much waking up. It's reducing my recall severely. There was more to this dream, especially in the beginning.

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    1. The Sandman's Avatar
      Very nice control.

      BTW, I would log whatever you can every day.
    2. MrDreamsX's Avatar
      For the first 100-dreams you record, I strongly agree with you. Now a days, I am annoyed by dream fragments. The ones I will post are very vivid, and very short.
    3. The Sandman's Avatar
      That makes sense.