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    1. Dreamland: Lucid Corner & Ex-Ghost

      by , 10-12-2012 at 03:15 PM
      I've had vivid dreams the past few weeks. Almost 100% forgotten. A few lucid fragments I clearly recall:

      Fragment #1:
      I'm walking to the corner of Cherry St along the sidewalk looking at houses. I get to the corner house and it's huge. It has boarded up painted gray windows. I start looking around comparing houses and realize: "This is a dream!" I leap off into the air flying about 15ft up. For some odd reason, I head towards my house (I think to get my map?), I see the rooftops of houses start to fill my view. The dream piece by piece fades into patches of gray fog, and ends.

      Cherry is also the street I had my first trained lucid dream on. I've had several lucid dreams in recent years that started on this corner. This represents a small but significant breakthrough for my Map of Dreamland objectives.

      Fragment #2:
      I'm in a strange house. It is sunny out, probably around 2pm. My EX-GF is there. She is dressed very gaudy. Pink scarf. Thick makeup. Half slut, half goofball. Not her style in waking life, but she looked very real, and so did the living room area we were in. This detail is hazy now, but the topic of her current BF comes up. That he may not be thrilled I'm in their home. I decided to leave by going upstairs (to avoid her BF?). I essentially fly up the stairs. When I reach the top, I see something that makes my blood run cold...

      Inside her 2nd floor kitchen was a hazy looking ghost of a woman. Rotating around the figure was a candle and something else. There was a female sounding whirring noise. I barely looked at this thing for 2 seconds when I went flying away. Down a hall, into a garage, out a side door into the street. I got a good distance a way before I looked behind me. I was alone in a peaceful looking suburb. It seemed familiar and connected to my city, but does not exist in waking life.

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    2. Lucid: Rail Standing

      by , 09-13-2012 at 08:23 AM
      I could see bright blue skies out. Midday. I was standing in front of a painted white metal railing. Beyond that was a drop hundreds of feet down. Basically a large canyon. Beyond the railing was a wide ledge. There was a friendly looking guy (DC) standing next to me taking in the view.

      I decided to stand on the top rail, since it was not a direct fall. The rail was rounded. When I first tried to stand I lost balance and fell back right away. I told myself:

      "This is a dream, why is it so difficult to balance?" - I jumped up again, and this time landed on my knees. I tried to stand, couldn't quite manage it, so jumped back again. -Realistic physics, but I was determined, for some reason..

      Finally, I jumped up in one bound and landed on the railing. Looked around. I was stable. Then... I leaned backwards and was able to ease back, flat as a board. No effort. No gravity. I turned to the cool DC guy who was starring at me with interest and said something like:

      "Now I got it.. See? No gravity." He nodded with agreement. Impressed, but not excited. I feel like he is a DV's buddy.

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    3. A Boring Lucid:

      by , 07-20-2012 at 03:33 PM
      I'm starring at a gray table with a fine grid in pin stripes of white and black. Softly and evenly lit. Gray on gray room. --I say out loud: "I can't believe I'm dreaming about a table." -Then I wake up.

      I recall the vague impression the table was "somehow related" to my dreaming.

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    4. Tsunami Fortress: (Semi-Lucid)

      by , 02-07-2012 at 06:26 AM
      I was in something like a beach front fortress at night.

      It was a beautiful night with stars, clouds, and moonlight. The fortress was more like a palace built to withstand an army. It was made of a radiant blue-ish steel. It didn't seem ancient: it was clean and well kept.

      I do not remember the details of this portion of the dream unfortunately. I was a guest; and honored for my mystical abilities. I have vague visuals of being escorted through halls and warm chambers and generally feeling delighted to be there. I recall I was asked by the "kings messenger" to help avert a crisis if I possibly could.

      I was informed: Tsunami's were coming that night and they wanted to know if I would be able to do anything about it... --I felt confident that I could.

      I was taken to a huge half-open metallic chamber that nearly met the ocean and sat directly on the beach. Waves would crash inside the chamber so that it was an area like an enclosed private alcove. I was left alone. I started to consider how I could affect the massive wave best. I started to use lucid logic...

      I can't just stop that much water directly. I have to use the energy from the wave against itself. (Almost word for word the thoughts running through my head.) I saw a moonlight wave bulging up near the horizon. I lifted by hands and clenched my fists as if to grab the underside of the wave. It quickly swelled up higher than 100ft: then I released, as if I was dropping the wave at the horizon. The tsunami disbanded. A tiny wave shot towards the beach and wet my feet.

      Another one was coming rapidly.

      This time I felt like I had the hang of it. As the ocean bulge reached the horizon, I grabbed the air with both hands, and threw it up like I was shaking out a sheet. The tsunami wave shot into the clouds: when it reached full height several claps of lightening erupted from the clouds and arched into the wave, and under the water, and thunder sounded.

      Once again a tiny wave rushed in and gently splashed my bare toes.

      A third wave came. I handled it the same as the second, but this time there were thick forks of lightening colored pinkish. It was spectacular. --Before the third wave rolled in completely:
      -I woke up.

      I don't recall being openly lucid. Although I categorize this as semi-lucid because I seemed to have working techniques for manipulating my dreams. As if this is a normal part of my waking abilities. I have caught myself flying dodge all number of things in dreams, and not get lucid thinking that I could "just do that."

      Note: This is my 3rd dream involving lightening bolts on Dream Views, and my 2nd dream involving a Tsunami.

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    5. Lucid: Flying Backwards

      by , 10-01-2011 at 10:20 AM
      Basically, I've become too busy to lay still long enough (without thinking about my day) to remember the full length robust dreams I was enjoying when I last wrote. I've really wanted to record a number of them, but haven't seemed to find the time.

      I know for a fact that I have had a number of extremely vivid dreams that I forgot all but a single moment of. I try not to beat myself up about it, but it's annoying... I do recall 4-dreams in great deal, two I recorded in audio format.

      This is a L.D. that went unrecorded. Originally, I remembered additional elements.

      DILD - I was having another dream about Steff and Eric, except this time they were normal. Eric looked older and more nerdy than what seemed possible. I was telling Steff on an empty downtown (see Dream: 036 Deep into Dream City) street corner:

      "Steff, I dream about you all the time. Now you are finally here for real."

      He gave me an awkward look which caused me to do a reality test.

      I jumped into the air about 10ft and flew down the street faster than a motorcycle. Lucid, I flew close to ground level speeding through the city. I reached this one high fence and I decided to fly to the top, rotate to face the sky, and fly backwards to ground level. I don't remember ever trying this before.

      Something weird happened: After I completed the rotation to face the sky, and while flying backward I automatically rolled before I hit the ground and oriented to face forward. It happened so quickly it was like a cat landing on it's feet. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it crossed my mind I might hit the ground or get stuck.

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    6. Lucid: Lucid Dream School

      by , 04-29-2011 at 06:11 AM
      I was sitting in a classroom, front row, with a group of students. It was a lucid dreaming discussion class. There were single bed/benches set up that looked medical. Me and another guy were talking about different powers in lucid dreams. We were to lay down to dream and start experimenting.

      I laid down and closed my eyes. After a few seconds, I opened my eyes and I was now lucid dreaming. I turned around and the guy from class was standing right next to me in a large wooden hallway. I was surprised he was there. I had the thought "I guess this is a shared lucid dream."

      The class assignment was to try out three lucid powers: flying was first: so we took off flying around the hallway. Walking on walls was next: so I walked up the side of one of the far wall. Last but not least was: force style lightening bolts. I struck first and was overwhelming my classmate with arch's of pinkish electricity. He was rattling and shaking and unable to respond in any way.

      I stopped and asked him if I was hurting him. He said "Not at all."
      --Then I woke up.

      I don't recall ever having a dream about walking on walls before, although my last lucid dream featured flying on walls at ant-view. This is only the 2nd dream I'm aware of that I was able to shoot force style lightening bolts.

      Supplements: Liquid Gel Multi-Vitamin, 500mg B5
    7. (W.I.L.D.): Dream LCD + Surface Flying

      by , 04-23-2011 at 09:31 AM
      I woke up from an intense dream in the 2nd REM stage that is completely forgotten. The only element I remember was some kind of monster, like a griffin, or a giant blue rooster. I couldn't fall back to sleep for an hour but there was no fear or uneasiness. I tossed and turned.

      When I finally fell back to sleep I unintentionally had a W.I.L.D.

      I remember thinking that visualizing certain shapes was causing dream quality images to run through my mind. I decided (logically or illogically) that thinking of curved lines was very dream inducing. I was seeing something like parchment with black inked looking curved lines. This gave way into a realistic view from my bed with my eyes open.

      Floating in space in front of me was a hand-held flat screen LCD TV. It was flashing various scenes as if flipping through channels. The device looked real and more elegant than any pictures of such devices I've found on Google. My room was dark, true to life, except for the floating LCD.

      A slightly cartoon-ish scene. A birds-eye view came on that featured a Rocket Ranger flying through a city full with skyscrapers. I thought cool, I want to enter this scene. I moved slightly closer to screen but then eased back into bed. Instead of entering the scence, several more Rocket Ranger type figures joined the first one and as a group were flying through a modern looking city via jet pack.

      My view seemed fixed, with only a slight range of motion. A new scene appeared on the small screen, it was of an old house with a darkened stair case. I thought "this looks interesting" and managed to move my view all the way up to the scene and merged into it.

      Now I was standing in a strange old, poorly light house I have never seen before. I was nearby a window and the view was very similar to the one from my grandmothers old attic window. Next to the window was a dresser covered in dust. I looked out and could see green grass and another building with no windows. For some reason I felt I couldn't go outside. I took a close look at the dusty dresser to test the detail level of the dream. It looked extremely real.

      Next I decided I wanted to fly along the surface of the walls. I was bodiless (again). I zoomed onto the wall as if from the point of view of an ant. I flew around the walls of this house and hopped across walls and doors. --Things get hazy at this point.

      Supplements: Liquid Gel multivitamin and 500mg of vitamin B5

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    8. Lucid: Cloud Form (Not Humanoid)

      by , 04-18-2011 at 08:42 AM
      I am skipping one massively awesome lucid dream to record this one. The one I'm skipping for the time being I recorded onto audio and will be documented here or elsewhere at a later time. The reason being, it is personal, and it is finally evidence of attempted fulfillment of my lucid task from April 2010: recollection of suppressed dream memories while in a lucid dream.

      The following lucid dream occurred without supplements:

      I emerged from blackness by opening my cellar door.

      I clearly remember seeing the corner of the cellar door appear from darkness as I swung it open into the light of the garage. I stepped out and looked around. It was nearly identical to the way it looked over a decade ago. My grandfathers old brown Cadillac was parked there. I instantly knew "this is a dream!" I thought: this is very realistic and I won't be able to forget this moment.

      I decided to fly out of my garage to look for something interesting to get into. With ease I lifted into the air and flew up the stairs. When I reached the door I told myself "Fly through it, this is a dream and I don't need to turn the knob." I flew into the middle and everything just went dark -I didn't emerge from the other side. I backed up and decided to fly under the door instead, which worked with perfect ease.

      I flew through the entry hall and under the crack of the front door outside. I zoomed into the air about 15-ft and down the front walkway. When I reached the street I started to head down the block. When I passed my next door neighbors house I paused to think about if I wanted to explore it or not. I decided not to, on account of the fact that I did so in another lucid dream recently (Blackbird Flying).

      The house looked inviting and cooler than in real life. There were lots of lights on inside, and some looked futuristic. I noticed my reflection as I started to fly away. It was not human. I appeared to be a wispy tan cloud with two glimmering blue star points of light representing my eyes.

      I started to accelerate away from the house when I had an annoying thought... I have "900-things" to get ready for work Monday. I can't just fly away until they are ready... (Things get very hazy and I woke up shortly after this.)

      What a disappointment to loose this extreme level of lucidity to anxiety vaguely related to a large work assignment.

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    9. (Hyper Real) Lucid: Lava, Tsunami, Smoke

      by , 04-09-2011 at 09:54 PM
      The only other dream I've had in the past year with visuals this realistic and intense was Nightmare: Alternative Life. I can't stress this point enough, the visual quality of this dream was so acute and vibrant it makes my regular dreams seem low resolution. It was extremely stable and consistent, and I'm at a loss to understand why these dreams are so much superior to ordinary dreaming.

      I was driving down a main road in the California Bay area called El Camino. It was late afternoon and there was traffic. The flow was moving slowly. The location I was in looked like mesh of two cities I regularly drive through. I looked over one of the rolling hills there which is covered with houses. Suddenly the ground started to violently shake and I heard a huge ripping rumbling noise that muted out all other sounds.

      A volcanic stream of gas and lava shot out from behind the hill far into the air like an oil well or water fountain. It was glowing red and orange and raining lava all over the area. I could hear screams and utter panic. Car began to drive off the road and out of lanes. I made a U-turn onto the sidewalk and my tire hit the curb hard and instantly I got a flat. I noticed a Police SUV was also attempting to use the side walk to get closer to the blast...

      Just then, another volcanic steam erupted further to the south behind the hill in the direction I was now facing. It became obvious the roads were too chaotic to to drive away on. I jumped out of my car and looked at my tire. It was destroyed. I looked around at the panic and chaos for a moment. I thought "There is no way I can rescue my GF or Mother." I heard a man screaming. I looked up at the hill and there in the distance a person was getting doused with lava.

      While he was burning to cinders a Tsunami wave rose up above the height of the hill (which was at least 100ft) I could see through the aqua-green water against the bright sky. It came crashing down through the lava streams and put out the crisping man while still in the process of turning to cinders. I turned and started running full speed in the opposite direction of lave fissures and Tsunami. I started desperately looking for something nearby to climb on top of.

      I saw a cement 2-story building just off of El Camino with a large climbable tree next to it. My plan was to use the tree to get on top of the building as quickly as possible. The tree and building were in a depression in the ground. I jumped from the sidewalk area directly into the tree. I turned back and the water was about 20-ft away and quickly came crashing into the building and tree. Instantly the corner of the building exploded into rumble. The roof started to collapse and the tree I was on lost several branches when the water struck.

      I jumped out of the tree still heading further east, out of the ditch like area and onto another segment of sidewalk, part of another street running east. Water and junk was pushing me forward. I fell on my face, got up, and started running across the street to another large mostly dirt hill. The shape of the terrain was causing the Tsunami to fan outward before completely flooding the street I was on, but there was still a shallow sheet of water and debris ramming against my back.

      I made it to the hill when I started to notice the intense heat coming from behind. The lava gas stream was now emitting hot black smoke and the earth was shaking. I was running up the dirt hill, and falling on my face every few feet. When I was nearly at the top, there was huge clouds of pitch black smoke drifting eastward and engulfing me and other people. My body felt exhausted. I fell again and could feel wind buffeting me from random directions.

      I had the clear thought: "Maybe God expects me to die this way."

      With my last once of energy I dragged myself to the top of the dirt hill. There were other terrified people staggering to the top of the hill. I looked out to the East towards the bay. The ocean was drawn back and there were rivers of lava merging with ocean water creating columns of steam.

      There were no other places to run.

      I thought, "I need to call my friends and family but I knew my phone had been soaked." I pulled it out of my pocket and sure enough it was completely dead. I looked at the front of it, and then the back of it, then the front of it again. My phone didn't look right. It was smaller and fatter than real life. On the front of the phone in big white letters was written: "3-Mega Pixels."

      I thought: "This is a dream! Because my phone doesn't look like this!" I was relieved, but I really wanted to see what this dream was leading up to so I put my phone back away and "pretended" I wasn't lucid. The lava, flood, and darkness subsided. Not everything was destroyed. There was an apartment building near the hill that's upper floors had survived almost unscathed. A group of people made there way over there as there was no real way to reach any other place. (Things get hazy at this point.)

      The survivors began to live in this apartment. Time elapsed in the dream. Days at least. I remember us living like rats. We were cut off, and no one came to help us giving us the impression that this disaster was on a global scale. People were so morbidly depressed I remember one bulky man ripping his shirt of and crying like a baby. I felt so awful for him that I assured him this was nothing more than a dream...

      After that, I walked out onto the balcony (a common dream location from my past) and looked out over the bay. Which had swelled larger from the Tsunami. I looked up at the stars and they were crystal clear. I could see the little dipper in the sky. I said out loud "Since I'm only dreaming, how about some meteor strikes now too?" --Nothing happened at first.

      But as I starred at the little dipper, a superimposed image appeared over it. A slow fade in of a traditional Santa Clause with a bag of presents and sleigh appeared. I was surprised and disappointed.

      Clearly this dream was influenced by the recent tragedy in Japan which I watched live as I was awake late that night.

      Supplement: Liquid Gel Multi-vitamin and 500mg B5 directly before bed.

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    10. Lucid: Flying + Throwing Cars

      by , 03-25-2011 at 06:16 PM
      I've had a number of fragments and brief vivid dreams in the past week I've not recorded. If I don't have a fully recalled dream in the next few nights, I will go ahead and post the fragments in one entry. Because this fragment was lucid and connected to a discussion about flying here on Dream Views I wanted to log it right away.

      I was in a large bus parking lot. All the buses were light gray or white. Situated on the lot was some sort of military base. There was a militia on the lot, in gray and white camo. I became lucid while trying to evade them by weaving between buses. I took off flying but stayed at bus height so they couldn't see me flying around.

      I wanted to try something new so I flew over a car and picked it up by the top. My hands cut through the metal so my fingers could curl into a grip like a bowling ball. I hovered with the car in hands behind a group of soldiers in a jeep looking for me. They hadn't noticed me. I shouted "Hey guys!" They all turned around and I tossed the car at them which flew about 20-ft, flipped once in the air, crunched the jeep down about 40% as all the men leaped out of the way.

      I was thrilled. I flew away to go looking for another car. (For some reason I didn't try to lift a bus.) I left the lot area and was flying low over random suburbs. I spotted yet another white car. This time I tried to levitate the car into my hands so I didn't have to swoop all the way down to grab it...

      --Nothing happened.

      (I recall at this point thinking: I can't forget this dream now, it's much too vivid.) So I swooped down to the top and once again sunk my hands through the metal as if it were butter. Picked up the car, which was weightless, and flew around to decide where to throw this one next...

      I've been sleeping straight through the night without much waking up. It's reducing my recall severely. There was more to this dream, especially in the beginning.

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    11. Precongitive (WILD): Lucid Animals

      by , 03-16-2011 at 08:40 AM
      I have been getting interrupted sleep the past several nights. I casually decided I could use this to enter REM instantly upon closing my eyes. I did this once recently while stressed out (Night Hike on a Freeway). This might be the first dream I ever remembered in which I was aware of being asleep prior to the dreaming beginning.

      I saw an image emerging from the blackness. It looked almost like a small flower shaped hole in the dark. I could see a well light sepia tone scene emerging on the other side of it. -I became so excited at viewing a dream form from blackness that I woke up.

      I laid still. I was determined to re-enter the dream. I have never re-entered a dream to my recollection. This may not have been the same dream, but the vibe was similar.

      I was in the blackness, awake. A fully detailed dream location appeared. I was standing in the middle of the street looking at an old friends house I walk past on a regular basis. I lost lucidity for a moment. Then, as I watched, all these animals started to emerge from around the property. Raccoon's, cats, and then an adorable looking squirrel came hopping in my general direction. "This is a dream!" I said as soon as I saw it. (This moment is almost identical to: Super Lucid Blackbird Flying) I was thrilled. I turned around to take in the whole scene.

      When I looked to my left, there charging happily towards me were four large shaggy dogs: Black, White, Burgundy, and Golden. I was so shocked by the closeness - I instantly woke up. (*)

      Again I was laying in bed. I didn't move a muscle. This was not a feat of willpower, I was super tired. But internally determined to keep the dreams rolling.

      I was in the blackness awake again. I saw a distorted face emerging a few inches in front of me. All at once, a mirror appeared and I was looking into it at close range. This sounds scary, but I was lucid. I started making various expression in the mirror. I looked more handsome than in real life. My skin was perfect and my flaws were gone.

      (*PRECOGNITIVE*) When I woke up, I needed to pass that same house. I was planning to make it a good "reality check point." As I arrived I smiled. Looked at the house, then, I looked across the street. -My jaw dropped. Right there, about 25-35-ft ahead of where I saw them: Three medium sized dogs, black, white, golden - being walked by a 30-something woman wearing a hat.

      The burgundy colored dog was missing. The real dogs were medium sized not large. I don't recall ever seeing this group of dogs before, although it's possible. I usually do pay attention to the friendly animals I cross paths with in my neighborhood.

      In my first dream journal there was a tiny percentage of dreams that weren't quite precognitive, more like educated guesses Dream: 037 & Dream: 067. This 4-dogs dream is the first dream I'm aware of featuring:

      1) So many different dogs together I don't know.
      2) About 75% accurate and did occur asap almost at the exact location as in the dream.

      I learned over the years that dreams produce: abstractions of people, mind tricks, fake conversations, illusions, distortions, false memories, etc. I never gave precognitive dreams much serious thought.

      Supplements (before bed): 500mg of B5, and 200mg B6. First time trying this combination. I usually take one or the other. Generally, I've found these vitamins help with recall, but cause more shallow dreaming. This dream is consistent in general with past experiences without taking supplements.

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    12. Lucid (x2): Crime Pays & Coffee Shop Alone Time

      by , 03-06-2011 at 02:23 PM
      Dream #1: I was with two hardened criminals. We were in a wide entry hall past the first set of double doors. One of them I took to be some sort of mastermind. He was showing us a device that beamed intense light into multiple security cameras at once. It also had a motion tracking gun to fire on anyone who interfered.

      I got the impression we had rehearsed this particular heist a few times. When we were finally set up for the real thing, straight away a guard entered the hall through a side door and the auto-tracking gun shot him in the head, killing him instantly. An alarm sounded. I said "Does your machine have a way to deal with this alarm?"

      He said "No. Run." I could hear sirens in the distance as we fled the scene into the city streets. Plenty of people were noticing us as it was just before dark. The city was unfamiliar. The "mastermind" told us to dump our top layer of clothes as we entered an alley way. We each did. I noticed we were wearing a lot of stripes and scarfs.

      We made our way up a fire escape and I could hear and see police lights bouncing on building walls nearby. I felt intensely stressed out. I started questioning in my mind how I allowed myself to become involved in such a terrible scheme. I thought, "Maybe this is dream?"

      My partners in crime were starting to get far ahead of me by roof top. I was thinking, "If this a dream, I should just jump off this building..." I hesitated. It was a good 10-story drop. I stood on top of a metal ventilation box to launch off from. Again I paused. Then decided, may as well! And I jumped...

      Immediately I sailed into the air unaffected by gravity. I was extremely relieved at first, then excited to be lucid again. I glided around the city for a while looking for what I might do next. I spotted a power plant out of the downtown area and in a rural suburb with plenty of woods nearby.

      As I went to land, I noticed there was a mass of power lines blocking me. I grabbed a hold of one with each hand and had the thought, "This might electrocute me." But nothing happened. So I decided to try something. I glided around the power plant collecting as many lines as I could hold. I had dozens when I landed. I proceeded to coil them up into a braided strand by tossing them out, like one unwinds a garden hose.

      Once they were thick and intertwined, I looked around at the houses in the area. None had lights on. I held my right hand up the spit ends to send power to all the houses using my right hand. A huge burst of electricity emitted from my right hand. (Straight up dark side of the force.) I was thrilled at the raw power and visual quality of this effect. I looked around at the houses. Still they had no lights on. I did it again with more intensity. Again, a massive burst of fantastic electricity arched from my right hand into the power lines. I looked up again, and all the houses were light up now.
      --Then I woke up.

      Dream #2: (I believe this dream started almost instantly when I fell back to sleep.) I was going to pick up my girlfriend from a party. I believe I was running, but at car like speeds. When I arrived at the party I was winded and the cops were there doing sobriety checks.

      I told them, "Hey, I just arrived." The lady cop said, "Yeah but did you drive sober?" I remember feeling unsure. My GF emerged from within the house and told me she was ready to leave. We were on foot so the cops let us go on the spot. We walked to a coffee shop I have never seen before. There was a good number of people sitting around. I went in for a kiss, and she said "Hey, not in public!"

      My lucidity from the last dream suddenly returned. I said "Oh these people are dead." -And with that, pointed my hands and fingers outward around me. No visual electricity emerged, but everyone was struck, there blood splattered against the walls, and they slumped over dead. -My girlfriend was horrified by this display.

      I said "Don't worry." And repeated the same action again. The death was reversed and everyone came back to life astonished, laughing, and looking at me intently. I told them, "Leave us alone now, go tell everyone you died and were resurrected better people than you were before." They were delighted. Formed a single file line, and left the coffee shop. I leaned over and kissed my girlfriend.
      --Then I woke up.
    13. Super Lucid: Blackbird Flying

      by , 02-26-2011 at 02:07 PM
      At last another lucid dream! I believe this one was stimulated by a combination of me singing the Beatles song Blackbird, and Dead Space 2 in which the lead character flies.

      It was around 9am with clear blue skies. I was standing in the middle of my backyard on a dead tree stump. (The stump was removed years ago.) Around me I noticed all sorts of creatures were crowding. Birds, squirrels, and then I saw a cute gray bunny rabbit. I was surprised by that, but even more when following the cute bunny closely was a Jackrabbit.

      Instantly I knew this was a dream when I saw it. I did my traditional reality test - flying. I lifted off the ground with complete control and ease. The animals were excited and especially the birds. I felt a wave of mental clarity wash over me. My body vanished. My perspective became small as a birds and I began to loop around my backyard while the birds joined me in loops, spins, and songs. It was very playful, peaceful, and extremely fun.

      I locked my focus onto a pair of blackbirds who were flying together still over the yard. I began to follow one so closely I looked it directly in the eye a few inches away. He looked slightly uneasy with my proximity, and maneuvered away a few wing lengths. After I had done this a good few minutes, I decided I better not waste this lucidity on aerial antics alone.

      I looked towards my next door neighbors yard. There was pick-nick table near one of his two backdoors. I flew over to it and my body reformed so I could land. When my body reappeared - there was an aerial hiccup as if I hit wind drag and gravity again. I started to drop but hovered at the last instant to ensure a soft landing. At this point I stepped off the table and onto the ground. I clearly remember thinking "There is no way I could forget this dream, it is much too real to forget." I considered waking myself up as I headed for the door, but I really wanted this feeling to continue.

      I opened up my neighboors backdoor, excited to see how my dream would handle this. I stepped into his garage which was huge inside. Bigger than the house itself from the outside. I could hear my neighbor walking around upstairs, and I had the impression he was just getting out of the shower. I chuckled to myself about it. I began to look around the garage and I saw there was a collection of bikes and motorcycles. Out of the garage windows I saw one of the main streets in my city, and not my own block which I should have seen out those windows. I smiled to myself and thought "My dream got that wrong."

      I started looking for a motorcycle I liked. There was a blue one similar to the first bike I ever owned (!) - a bicycle designed to look like a dirt bike. This also tickled me. Before I could mount it, I looked up and saw that my neighbors garage had a second floor balcony. I slightly worried he might react to me taking the bike, but when I looked up I saw more windows with people starring back down at me. I had the feeling I was at the London stock exchange (I don't recall ever seeing it before).

      There were business type people up on the balcony behind windows that were too back light by pale white light to make out much more than silhouettes. I vaguely recall being asked to do some work for them by a short haired gruff woman in a business suit. The clarity and lucidity evaporated and I woke up shortly there after.

      I didn't remember the dream when I woke up, despite my lucid confidence. I sat still for about a minute, tried to remember my dream and the details above rushed right in. I want to stress how clear minded I felt in this dream. The visuals, flying sensations, and audio were very high quality.

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    14. World Reality Merging

      by , 11-17-2010 at 10:10 AM
      The past two nights I've had complicated lucid dreams, that I only remember in fragments. I'm not remembering to remain motionless when I wake up, and every move I make weakens my memory of the dreams. They are very weirdly disjointed dreams that possibly mark different brain modes and rhythms. Or possibly just minor adjustments of my head while asleep?

      I was in a multi-storied apartment building crossed with a community center. It had vibrant red checkered floors and lots of friendly people. I was with ex-girlfriends off and on. And I was also with a group of friends and family. At some point I was lucid and started to fly. I vaguely remember a flying Disneyland style tea cup! I was using it to fly others around with me. I also remember passing through "a rip in the dreamscape."

      To my horror, I remember very little about the events leading up to the fantastic conclusion:

      I was standing in front of my Mother and Ex-girlfriend. I was holding a cylindrical rod in my hands. I asked them in a somewhat smug tone: "Do you like how I merged the dream world with the real world, permanently?"

      I remember they were reclined with drinks, looking very comfortable in the luxury high rise apartment I was standing in. I remember reviewing in my mind the portals that merged the "two worlds." The rod was about 1-ft long, made of fine grain wood, and had two silvery caps on each end. Similar in shape to a pipe bomb.
    15. Zombie Hotel & Ten Lane Ant Trails

      by , 11-10-2010 at 09:01 AM
      Last night I had a mix of dreams that when I woke up, didn't seem super worth remembering so I didn't push myself to recall all the details:

      I was in a hotel being invaded by zombies. I remember going into a room with my ex girlfriend (who gave me a vibe that she was there with another man) to warn her. I remember going into the basement and it looked like my local shopping mall.

      At one point, I became lucid. I was walking down one of the hotel halls and a guest or hotel worker was walking by. As she did, in the corner of my eye, I noticed she had a shadow. I thought: I bet I can turn her into a different person by pulling her through her own shadow. I grabbed her and pulled her through her shadow and she became someone else, but not anyone I recognized.

      Another dream, there was a trail of ants entering my bedroom. It was massive. I looked closely and determined it to be made of ongoing, and oncoming traffic. I counted about five lanes moving in each direction.

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