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    Precongitive (WILD): Lucid Animals

    by , 03-16-2011 at 08:40 AM (1281 Views)
    I have been getting interrupted sleep the past several nights. I casually decided I could use this to enter REM instantly upon closing my eyes. I did this once recently while stressed out (Night Hike on a Freeway). This might be the first dream I ever remembered in which I was aware of being asleep prior to the dreaming beginning.

    I saw an image emerging from the blackness. It looked almost like a small flower shaped hole in the dark. I could see a well light sepia tone scene emerging on the other side of it. -I became so excited at viewing a dream form from blackness that I woke up.

    I laid still. I was determined to re-enter the dream. I have never re-entered a dream to my recollection. This may not have been the same dream, but the vibe was similar.

    I was in the blackness, awake. A fully detailed dream location appeared. I was standing in the middle of the street looking at an old friends house I walk past on a regular basis. I lost lucidity for a moment. Then, as I watched, all these animals started to emerge from around the property. Raccoon's, cats, and then an adorable looking squirrel came hopping in my general direction. "This is a dream!" I said as soon as I saw it. (This moment is almost identical to: Super Lucid Blackbird Flying) I was thrilled. I turned around to take in the whole scene.

    When I looked to my left, there charging happily towards me were four large shaggy dogs: Black, White, Burgundy, and Golden. I was so shocked by the closeness - I instantly woke up. (*)

    Again I was laying in bed. I didn't move a muscle. This was not a feat of willpower, I was super tired. But internally determined to keep the dreams rolling.

    I was in the blackness awake again. I saw a distorted face emerging a few inches in front of me. All at once, a mirror appeared and I was looking into it at close range. This sounds scary, but I was lucid. I started making various expression in the mirror. I looked more handsome than in real life. My skin was perfect and my flaws were gone.

    (*PRECOGNITIVE*) When I woke up, I needed to pass that same house. I was planning to make it a good "reality check point." As I arrived I smiled. Looked at the house, then, I looked across the street. -My jaw dropped. Right there, about 25-35-ft ahead of where I saw them: Three medium sized dogs, black, white, golden - being walked by a 30-something woman wearing a hat.

    The burgundy colored dog was missing. The real dogs were medium sized not large. I don't recall ever seeing this group of dogs before, although it's possible. I usually do pay attention to the friendly animals I cross paths with in my neighborhood.

    In my first dream journal there was a tiny percentage of dreams that weren't quite precognitive, more like educated guesses Dream: 037 & Dream: 067. This 4-dogs dream is the first dream I'm aware of featuring:

    1) So many different dogs together I don't know.
    2) About 75% accurate and did occur asap almost at the exact location as in the dream.

    I learned over the years that dreams produce: abstractions of people, mind tricks, fake conversations, illusions, distortions, false memories, etc. I never gave precognitive dreams much serious thought.

    Supplements (before bed): 500mg of B5, and 200mg B6. First time trying this combination. I usually take one or the other. Generally, I've found these vitamins help with recall, but cause more shallow dreaming. This dream is consistent in general with past experiences without taking supplements.

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    1. MrDreamsX's Avatar
      I welcome any and all theories, pro or con, of this being a genuine precognitive dream, or similar experiences you may have had.
      Updated 03-16-2011 at 05:26 PM by MrDreamsX
    2. The Sandman's Avatar

      This is really cool. As for precognition, I waffle.

      I think Occam's Razor dictates it is just you working stuff out at night. Then again, who am I to say what dreams aren't? Deepak Chopra says to pay attention to coincidences because sometimes they aren't coincidences.

      Also, as you said,
      I learned over the years that dreams produce: abstractions of people, mind tricks, fake conversations, illusions, distortions, false memories, etc.
      I agree with this. It seems your mind is completely open when you are asleep. Your subconscious can be creative WAY outside the box. You face things you would typically never face.

      I would say you have a better chance at surfing precognition if you believe it. For some reason, I wouldn't worry that you dreamed of four dogs and actually saw three. I don't think that matters. Besides, you may see the burgundy dog later. Your dream doesn't have to be exact. It may have to be a bit more efficient than exactly detailed.
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    3. MrDreamsX's Avatar
      I'm open minded about it. There have been studies that showed people can sense if they are about to see a horrible picture, moments before they actually do. This was much more specific than that, although not especially useful.