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    Salamander and the Scorpion

    by , 02-07-2011 at 04:48 AM (566 Views)
    I was starring at my wall from my bed. I noticed a spider web (checking there is a similar web in this corner) with a red Newt trapped in it. (I saw two recently while on a walk.) My girlfriend emerged from the bathroom and I pointed it out.

    We both sat there starring at it a moment and my focus widened to reveal that now we were starring at my paneled ceiling. One of the panels was removed and a larger nasty looking network of spider webs was there. At this point, the two of us fell backwards onto the bed to match the depth and location of the visual.

    A large scorpion emerged from the darkness along the webs to devour the Salamander.

    This seems like another throw away dream, but here again is the new transition element I used to enter a TV scene in my last recorded dream.

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