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    Tsunami Fortress: (Semi-Lucid)

    by , 02-07-2012 at 06:26 AM (716 Views)
    I was in something like a beach front fortress at night.

    It was a beautiful night with stars, clouds, and moonlight. The fortress was more like a palace built to withstand an army. It was made of a radiant blue-ish steel. It didn't seem ancient: it was clean and well kept.

    I do not remember the details of this portion of the dream unfortunately. I was a guest; and honored for my mystical abilities. I have vague visuals of being escorted through halls and warm chambers and generally feeling delighted to be there. I recall I was asked by the "kings messenger" to help avert a crisis if I possibly could.

    I was informed: Tsunami's were coming that night and they wanted to know if I would be able to do anything about it... --I felt confident that I could.

    I was taken to a huge half-open metallic chamber that nearly met the ocean and sat directly on the beach. Waves would crash inside the chamber so that it was an area like an enclosed private alcove. I was left alone. I started to consider how I could affect the massive wave best. I started to use lucid logic...

    I can't just stop that much water directly. I have to use the energy from the wave against itself. (Almost word for word the thoughts running through my head.) I saw a moonlight wave bulging up near the horizon. I lifted by hands and clenched my fists as if to grab the underside of the wave. It quickly swelled up higher than 100ft: then I released, as if I was dropping the wave at the horizon. The tsunami disbanded. A tiny wave shot towards the beach and wet my feet.

    Another one was coming rapidly.

    This time I felt like I had the hang of it. As the ocean bulge reached the horizon, I grabbed the air with both hands, and threw it up like I was shaking out a sheet. The tsunami wave shot into the clouds: when it reached full height several claps of lightening erupted from the clouds and arched into the wave, and under the water, and thunder sounded.

    Once again a tiny wave rushed in and gently splashed my bare toes.

    A third wave came. I handled it the same as the second, but this time there were thick forks of lightening colored pinkish. It was spectacular. --Before the third wave rolled in completely:
    -I woke up.

    I don't recall being openly lucid. Although I categorize this as semi-lucid because I seemed to have working techniques for manipulating my dreams. As if this is a normal part of my waking abilities. I have caught myself flying dodge all number of things in dreams, and not get lucid thinking that I could "just do that."

    Note: This is my 3rd dream involving lightening bolts on Dream Views, and my 2nd dream involving a Tsunami.
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    1. Astrosomnia's Avatar
      This sounds like a wonderful dream. I can imagine it was really impactful to actually be there.
      I like the way you write as well; really easy to read.
    2. MrDreamsX's Avatar
      Thank you. Definitely one of my favorite dreams.
    3. DreamWest's Avatar
      Awesome dream. Its cool how you were such an important figure,I hate when in my dreams I'm less significant.
    4. MrDreamsX's Avatar
      Yes, humiliation is the more common dream theme.