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    (W.I.L.D.): Dream LCD + Surface Flying

    by , 04-23-2011 at 09:31 AM (905 Views)
    I woke up from an intense dream in the 2nd REM stage that is completely forgotten. The only element I remember was some kind of monster, like a griffin, or a giant blue rooster. I couldn't fall back to sleep for an hour but there was no fear or uneasiness. I tossed and turned.

    When I finally fell back to sleep I unintentionally had a W.I.L.D.

    I remember thinking that visualizing certain shapes was causing dream quality images to run through my mind. I decided (logically or illogically) that thinking of curved lines was very dream inducing. I was seeing something like parchment with black inked looking curved lines. This gave way into a realistic view from my bed with my eyes open.

    Floating in space in front of me was a hand-held flat screen LCD TV. It was flashing various scenes as if flipping through channels. The device looked real and more elegant than any pictures of such devices I've found on Google. My room was dark, true to life, except for the floating LCD.

    A slightly cartoon-ish scene. A birds-eye view came on that featured a Rocket Ranger flying through a city full with skyscrapers. I thought cool, I want to enter this scene. I moved slightly closer to screen but then eased back into bed. Instead of entering the scence, several more Rocket Ranger type figures joined the first one and as a group were flying through a modern looking city via jet pack.

    My view seemed fixed, with only a slight range of motion. A new scene appeared on the small screen, it was of an old house with a darkened stair case. I thought "this looks interesting" and managed to move my view all the way up to the scene and merged into it.

    Now I was standing in a strange old, poorly light house I have never seen before. I was nearby a window and the view was very similar to the one from my grandmothers old attic window. Next to the window was a dresser covered in dust. I looked out and could see green grass and another building with no windows. For some reason I felt I couldn't go outside. I took a close look at the dusty dresser to test the detail level of the dream. It looked extremely real.

    Next I decided I wanted to fly along the surface of the walls. I was bodiless (again). I zoomed onto the wall as if from the point of view of an ant. I flew around the walls of this house and hopped across walls and doors. --Things get hazy at this point.

    Supplements: Liquid Gel multivitamin and 500mg of vitamin B5

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    1. The Sandman's Avatar
      This sounds as though it was vivid, though you didn't categorize it as such. The control sounded good. Another attic dream.

      Do you have dream goals? It doesn't sound like you tried one.
    2. MrDreamsX's Avatar
      The lucid LCD TV was extremely real. The images on it not so much. The dust looked photo real, but the rest of the house was very dark.

      I do have lucid goals. Only unlike yourself, I seem to be more interested in exploring lucid powers when I'm actually lucid-dreaming. I omitted one lucid dream where I did attempt my year long lucid task.
    3. The Sandman's Avatar
      I often forget to try my personal lucid goals. I have to think about them soon before I become lucid.