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    Zombie Hotel & Ten Lane Ant Trails

    by , 11-10-2010 at 09:01 AM (829 Views)
    Last night I had a mix of dreams that when I woke up, didn't seem super worth remembering so I didn't push myself to recall all the details:

    I was in a hotel being invaded by zombies. I remember going into a room with my ex girlfriend (who gave me a vibe that she was there with another man) to warn her. I remember going into the basement and it looked like my local shopping mall.

    At one point, I became lucid. I was walking down one of the hotel halls and a guest or hotel worker was walking by. As she did, in the corner of my eye, I noticed she had a shadow. I thought: I bet I can turn her into a different person by pulling her through her own shadow. I grabbed her and pulled her through her shadow and she became someone else, but not anyone I recognized.

    Another dream, there was a trail of ants entering my bedroom. It was massive. I looked closely and determined it to be made of ongoing, and oncoming traffic. I counted about five lanes moving in each direction.

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