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    Zombie Trophy & Costco Housing

    by , 10-31-2010 at 04:35 AM (848 Views)
    This was my last dream of the night. Unfortunately, I don't remember the first dreams. There was also a beginning to this dream, that I don't recall any more:

    I was with a partner. I want to say it was a woman. I remember her being very acrobatics and focused. We were in an industrial area infested with zombies. I vaguely recall shooting one in the head with a handgun, at some point.

    We entered into a huge cylindrical factory. Five or six stories high. The center of the factory was mostly empty, with multiple stories of girder like cat walks forming circles around the middle. I remember several (blue-gray) male zombies followed us into this area. My partner had something like a hefty trophy. Except the trophy was made out of zombie meat. It was like a cup with two large winged handles. It was a sickly skin color with dark greenish veins that ran throughout it, including the handles. It looked like a normal trophy, wrapped tightly in flesh.

    This object (I knew I think from the forgotten beginning) contained the genetic information and viruses that made the outbreak of zombies possible. It was our intention to make sure that no one ever found this object again. My partner suggested we stuff it down a grate that was at the center of the factory. This was like a manhole sized storm drain. We did. Then filled the drain with gravel. Somehow, we ruptured the water mains next. This clause the entire structure to collapse in on itself. We barely got out.

    I remember seeing the entire area submerge with water as we made our way to an island. This island was in fact a mound of my own clothing (!) situated at the far corner of yet another, still larger warehouse. I remember thinking: I hope my computer backup files are safe from this flood. At this point I began to walk along the far wall of this enormous warehouse and it emerged into a Costco/Target like superstore. One of the female employees, wearing a white lab coat and glasses passed by me and without looking up said: " I hate customers."

    I walked a little further and came to the hair product isle. I grabbed some shampoo and proceeded to take a shower. Because situated in the shampoo isle, strangely, was my home shower. I began to wash and lather my hair. I had a thick full head of it. I remember thinking: why didn't I shave my head before I took a shower? (My usual pattern is to shave my head before I take a shower.) Nevertheless, I kept shampooing away as I looked around at different products on the shelves nearby...

    The next thought I had was: "How does Costso know which stuff belongs to me?" Then, a final more horrifying thought occurred: "Maybe Costco will be (or is) in the business of public housing...?"

    In recent years, Costco has gotten into the business of health insurance... I haven't been to Costco in years. Or thought much about their health-care. I have been searching my brain for creative solutions to the US economy. This is not one that occurred. Seems my subconscious hinting at a new hope: corporations that act in the place of governments. I was woken by my cell phone at this point.

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