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    10.2.2011: The tower of ridiculous height

    by , 02-10-2011 at 02:40 PM (738 Views)
    Dream Lucid Me DC

    Dream 1
    Iīm sitting on top of an very, very tall tower located in the middle of jungle. The roof is really narrow and if I move even a little bit, I will probably fall to my death. I was left there to throw something at someone to slow them down, but I was told thereīs only one person who has actually managed to do this. Thereīs a door under me, but itīs, well, under me and somehow thinking about the 200 metre vertical fall which will occur if I move a single inch just doesnīt make me want to try to open it. (And that, kids, is called irony.) Iīm really scared. (For obvious reasons.) Then I start to became more optimistic. (Hey, at least itīs not raining...) They didnīt left me here to die. Theyīre probably coming back to get me at some point. Right? Then I start to think about how did I get here. Canīt remember coming out of bed, brushing my teeth and getting thrown on some random tower in the middle of nowhere. This must be a dream. The dream starts to fade away. Damn.

    Dream 2
    I either had an FA or then the dream just changed. I do the nose check and it works. Iīm in my house. My mom is doing something on the kitchen table and my sister is playing with the computer. Nothing unusual. I talk with them for a while. Later thereīs some woman I donīt know, saying she should probably leave. I look outside. Itīs so dark, someone mustīve painted our windows black. I think of going out and start to find a weapon to hit things with. Canīt find or summon one. Plus the dream starts to fade again. I wake up.

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    lucid , non-lucid , nightmare


    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Cool. I suggest going back to this tower in the middle of nowhere.
    2. MrIrony's Avatar
    3. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Because, Raven Knight and I created a magnificent dark tower on the Moon as a beacon to dreamers.
    4. MrIrony's Avatar
      I see.