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    19.4.2011: Final fantasy

    by , 04-19-2011 at 01:05 PM (382 Views)
    Dream Lucid Me DC SG

    I was in my room with my dad. We were cleaning the room and took some random stuff outside. I noticed some Final fantasy-games and started playing them. Then I turned into the character in the game. I was in some city ruins and there were guards and some big machines patrolling the area. I tried to sneak past them, but they noticed me and a battle begun. I took out a flamethrower and killed them. Then I was in some long hallway. I became lucid and tried to summon a keyblade like in my last lucid. I found it in a bookshelf next to me. As I turned around I saw one girl from my class standing behind me and accidently swinged at her. She was destroyed the same way Shadows are in Kingdom hearts. Behind her were standing two other kids, possibly from my class. The other one had a gun. They said they would arrest me for murder. I killed one, but the other started shooting at me. The bullets did nothing more then shake me a bit and I managed to kill him too. Then I started walking along the hallway and tried to find a die from another bookshelf so I could use it in a poker game. (I though that was one of my own tasks.) I canīt remember much about what happened after I found the die, but it includes running on rooftops while escaping the FBI. (I wasnīt lucid anymore.)

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