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    6.4.2011: Keyblade

    by , 04-06-2011 at 12:19 PM (862 Views)
    Dream Lucid Me DC SG

    Iīm somewhere with my family. I see Roxas, Sora, Axel and some other guy from Kingdom hearts walking away. I follow them, but they go insane and try to drive over me with cars. They end up colliding with each other and I start helping them out of the cars. (Theyīre unconsious.) Then I become lucid while helping Roxas and think if I could get his keyblade. Something tells me that itīs in the car. I look for it and find it next to the gas and brake padles. I take it, swing it in the air couple times and start running along the street. Unfortunatly I forgot to stabilize the dream and wake up.

    Iīm already lucid and iīm standing in front of a bookshelf. There are some Organization XIII (From Kingdom hearts.) members standing behind me. I try to summon the keyblade, but only get some piece of scrap metal that kinda looks like a sword. One of the members says something to me and when I look again, iīm holding a keyblade in my hand. I leave and start walking along a beach. Thereīs a village on my right and some apple-like fruits growing from the sand in a line near the water. I keep walking and when the line of apples ends, I pick one up. Soon after I do that, some Shadows appear next to me. I kill them with my keyblade, but more appears. I kill them all and once the battle is over, I notice something in my keyblade. Instead of the Mickey Mouse keychain, thereīs a round piece of metal with bubbles carved on it. I also see some text on the handle, but it doesnīt make sense. I return to the members to ask them about it, but I donīt want to interrupt them. Thatīs all I can remember.

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